8 reasons you should join us for MarTech

Attending industry conferences is an incredible way to increase your knowledge, expand your network and find new insights and ideas. Here are 8 reasons why MarTech conference is unique and worth your time and investment.

8. MarTech connects the dots

“I find this the only conference that provides information and insight into the skills and tools necessary to navigate the overlap between marketing and technology.”
Sue Haddrill – Nestle Purina PetCare

7. You’ll learn from martech superstars

Speakers make the conference, and MarTech delivers the experts from brands, agencies and integrators. MarTech Program Chair Scott Brinker personally selects those eager to help you understand and implement and integrate marketing technologies, rethinking your marketing strategy, and build talent-rich cross-functional marketing teams.

6. It’s all about you

MarTech is independent and not owned by a vendor. We don’t have axes to grind (or sales targets to meet) when it comes to any technology or platform. Speakers are selected based on their professional chops to address a topic and don’t pay for the privilege. Identifying sessions where vendors pay to present isn’t a mystery; we tell you they’ve done so.

5. You’ll meet others like you

You’ll share strategies, tactics and experiences with others like you who are charged with dragging their organizations — often kicking and screaming — into the future of marketing. You’ll meet them during breaks, receptions, networking lunches and celebrate their accomplishments at the Stackie awards ceremony. See networking events.

4. It’s a pleasant experience

“Ah ha” moments delivered by expert presenters and meeting others like you is just the beginning. You’ll also enjoy productive networking gatherings, discover results-driving and time-saving solutions, and the conveniences that make attending engaging and exciting: great meals and snacks, free wi-fi and a friendly environment.

3. MarTech is better with your teammates and colleagues

Your team is talented and has diverse backgrounds and skills, but sometimes getting them on the same page is difficult. Attending together will unite your team with a common experience and vocabulary, and provide the foundation for rapid progress. We even offer special rates for teams. See them here.

2. Programmed with passion by Chair Scott Brinker

Scott has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its impact on marketing strategy, management, and culture on chiefmartec.com since 2008. He also creates the annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic, is the author of Hacking Marketing, a guide to marketing management in a software-driven world. No one is more qualified to program, guide and moderate a marketing technology conference.

Many of you may ask “What is martech? Who are the citizens in this growing community? What are the shared ideas that bring us together?” Scott takes a pass at answering those questions with a written mission statement of what martech means to him. Read it here.

1. An outstanding value… no matter the budget

We know those attending MarTech have differing needs and budgets. Here are the options for attending:

All Access Passes include the whole conference experience: sessions, keynotes, networking, breakfast, lunch, snacks, expo access and wifi.

Expo+ Passes are the ticket for you if discovering and vetting marketing solutions is your goal. You can efficiently evaluate many solutions in a short period of time without endless phone calls or on-site vendor visits.

Rates increase as we get closer to the event, so registering early will provide the best rate on either ticket. See today’s rates