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San Jose, CA
April 23-26, 2018

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MarTech West Solutions Presenter:

Pieter Casneuf

CEO, ADAM Software

Pieter Casneuf is CEO and shareholder of ADAM Software. He is responsible for the business development and commercial rollout worldwide. Pieter holds a PhD in chemistry and biotechnology and a MBA from the Vlerick School for Management. Over the past 26 years Pieter has been a Financial Officer at OFUP (a media company), CEO of AdValvas Group (venture capitalist) and General Manager at DOMO Group (a major European carpet mill). At DOMO Group he had responsibility over four production units in Belgium and Germany, and was also responsible for the worldwide sales in over 80 countries. Pieter left DOMO Group and looked around to set up his own business. He came in contact with Dirk Noppe of ADAM Software, Dirk and Pieter found an agreement to roll out ADAM as a digital asset management system worldwide.

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