MarTech West Speaker:

Tim Sawicki

Data Engineer, Red Hat, Inc.


Tim is a Data Engineer in the Marketing Operations organization of Red Hat. His journey began with exploring predictive anomaly detection at Lenovo for the purposes of manufacturing quality control, soon tumbling into the medical world at a software startup designing neural networks to calculate heart pumping efficiency via echocardiogram video feeds. Through these experiences, one thing became very clear: data extraction and cleanliness is fraught with challenges, and having someone dedicated to designing good software around it is critical.

With that realization, he joined Red Hat’s Marketing Operations data engineering team. They had ambitious goals of transforming their overnight data transformation system into a real time, event-driven data processing platform with Python, Openshift, and Kafka. Today, he continues to help make this vision of fundamentally changing the way marketing data is handled, and thought of, into a reality.

Outside of programming, Tim has recently become a board game enthusiast with a collection spanning over 50 games. Luckily this has only led to a minor increase in his fiance requesting him to sleep on the couch!

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