Marketing. Technology. Management.

San Jose, CA
April 23-26, 2018

MarTech West Speaker:

Grad Conn

GM & CMO Lead, Microsoft


PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY To help others succeed, because the measure of a life well-lived is how many lives you are able to change along the journey. MARKETING PHILOSOPHY We live in a mobile-first world where mobility references the mobility of the user, not the device. As a result, users are driving cloud-connected solutions to enable their mobile lifestyles. This connected society has generated a social-first approach to communication, and as a result all marketing must have a social-first and mobile-first strategy in order to remain relevant. ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHY I believe in people and I have an optimistic view of both individuals and humanity. My leadership style is rooted in education and the Learning Organization - my hiring criteria is that you must have a positive attitude and the ability to learn. If you bring those personal qualities to the party, I can teach you the rest.

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