Adapt or die – learn the secrets top brands use to manage their martech strategies

The talent wars. Culture and organizational challenges. Managing change. Disruptive business models.

The speed of change continues to accelerate and rewards those who adapt faster than their competition. Ever increasing customer expectations in a technology-powered world and the need to respond with improved customer experiences are the drivers of change. Without a complete overhaul of an organization’s behavior, many marketing technology initiatives will fail to deliver expected results.

“Technology changes exponentially, but organizations change logarithmically.” – Scott Brinker

Martec’s Law may be the greatest management challenge of the 21st century. Understanding how to manage relatively slow-changing organizations in a rapidly changing technological environment is an epic challenge.

Attending the MarTech Conference helps you see the complete picture. We’ll talk about how to frame the scope of the issues, select appropriate technologies and how to transform into an agile, customer-focused organization. You’ll learn new strategies to guide you through your own digital transformation journey.

Dive into martech strategy with case studies and executive-level discussions on marketing technology management, strategy, and investment led by candid discussions with leading CMOs and VCs.


Expert MarTech Speakers


Brands That Attend MarTech

Don’t miss these insightful sessions and keynotes:


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Keynotes: The State of Marketing Technology, Mapping the Boundaries Between Marketing Art & Science and Secrets to a Great Partnership Between a CMO and a Head of Martech

Keynotes: Adopting a Marketing Mindset for the Modern Digital World; Graduating as a Chief Marketing Technologist; and When the Customer Becomes the First Party


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Delivering Business Results with Marketing Technology

How Chief Marketers From Visa, Belkin, and Oracle Are Transforming Their Teams and Talent

Turning Your Marketing Team Into A Profit Center: Case Study With Sears' Chief Digital and Analytics Officer

The 4 Cornerstones to Become a Universal (Marketing) Soldier in 2017

Investing in the Future of Martech

Operations & Technology

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How to Build a Martech Stack That Fits Your Company's Needs

How IBM Re-Platformed the Core of Its Martech Stack

Insights from Inside the Marketing Stack

Getting the "Full Stack Advantage"

Aligning Marketing Operations & Technology with Sales - How Bit Stew Systems Did It

5 Steps to Operationalize Your Customer Journey

How to Wrangle MarTech Spend in a Large, Rapidly Growing Business (and Survive!)

Surprisingly Simple Techniques for Building System Requirements that Meet IT & Business Needs

Agile & Human

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Agile Marketing in the Enterprise: Case Studies and Discussion

Putting the Right Conditions in Place for Martech Success

Human Factors in Marketing Ops and Technology

The State of Agile Marketing

Exploring Scrumban: Why Combining Methodologies May be the Agile Marketing Magic Bullet

Adventures in Agile: How Hootsuite Broke Down Silos to Make Innovative Campaigns

Freedom Within a Framework: How Campbell Soup Company Democratized Marketing Data to Support Agile Decision Making

Emerging MarTech

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A Legendary Approach: Disrupting Hollywood with Paradigms and Analytics

Marketing with Data During the Digital Revolution

Tales from the Trenches: Data Disasters and How to Avoid Them

7 KPIs That Every Business Should be Reporting on, Analyzing and Forecasting

The Meaning and Impact of Emerging Data Protection Regulations

The Identity Resolution Imperative: Building the Foundation for Marketing in a Post-Digital World

Singing the Customer Data Platform Blues

Digital Transformation

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Martech Transformation: From Aspiration to Roadmap

Designing Customer Experiences by Leveraging Data and Analytics

Sprint's Pre-Paid Digital Transformation: Using Machine Learning & Multi-Armed Bandit Experimentation to Optimize Every Interaction Across the Customer Journey

The Connected Marketer: A Unifying Approach for Understanding & Managing Digital Transformation

From Separate Silos to End-to-End Collaborators: How Martech Bridged the Sales-Marketing Gap for SAP

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Acquisition

How Microsoft is Driving Stronger Customer Experience and Business Results Through a Highly-Scaled Martech Ecosystem and Tight Integration of Marketing to Sales

The Rise of Conversational AI - A Marketer's Guide to Chatbots

Marketing Tech's Next Game Changer: Bot-to-Bot Marketing

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Attend any of our eight featured topics at MarTech. You’ll choose from the more than 60 sessions on Adtech, Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, Martech Leadership, Operations, Technology and Emerging Martech.