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Get Your Boss Onboard!

We see it happen all the time: You’re excited to attend the MarTech® Conference, but convincing your boss proves to be a challenge. He or she may be wondering if MarTech is worth your company’s time and investment. You can put your manager’s thoughts and concerns at ease by clearly demonstrating the value of attending MarTech. And we can help.

When you approach your boss, have a plan in place for how your tasks and campaigns will be managed while you are at MarTech. Being proactive and planning ahead will make your boss and team members feel confident and at ease.

Consider these talking points when you meet with your boss to discuss the show:

“I’ll attend sessions that match my needs, experience level, and goals.” The MarTech agenda is packed with state-of-the-art educational presentations. You will expand your digital transformation efforts with access to experts and an up-close look at their strategies. At MarTech, we strive to deliver an exceptional experience that equips you with the proven strategies that you need to succeed in this technology-powered marketing world.

“I’ll have access to powerful networking opportunities.” Networking is the cornerstone of MarTech. Connecting with your peers is great for personal brand building. It’s also your opportunity to make new friends, partners, and drive awareness to your company. Identify the benefits that your boss would find with our networking activities. Are you seeking new partners or business solutions? Be specific when communicating those goals and building your case to attend.

“I’ll save on travel and accommodations.” Not local to San Jose? Then you’re probably facing a task list of expenses, from registering for a conference ticket to purchasing airfare and booking a hotel. With these costs in mind, we understand your need for getting the most bang for your buck.

We work closely with local hotels to special rates for attendees. Take advantage of our conference rates, which you can lock when you register. Stay tuned for specific lodging details! If you have questions, feel free to email us at

Traveling to California doesn’t hurt your pockets either. Average airfare from the East Coast to the West Coast is $400 round trip. Find cheap tickets with Skyscanner and book at the best price!

“I’ll get time to reinvent myself.” Getting time outside of the office is rewarding and productive. Your employer knows how valuable you are. So while there’s a cost associated with you being out of the office, it can present real value, too. Attending MarTech provides you with a platform to focus on things that are outside of your typical day. Take a step back and reevaluate how to do your job differently… and better. Attending MarTech could be a career-defining decision. You’ll acquire new and effective marketing technology information and learn what it takes to implement it successfully.

Need more help?

For many marketers, attending MarTech provides the perfect boost of insights and fresh ideas to create remarkable customer experiences and the opportunity to keep up with the ever-changing marketing technology landscape.

If your supervisor needs some more convincing, we’ve prepared a letter to help you.

Just copy the content into an email, customize as you see fit, then send it on for approval. The reasons for coming and the expenses are itemized, so your supervisor will know exactly why you want to come and what it will cost!

Click Ctrl + C (⌘ + C on a Mac) to copy/paste the contents below:


MarTech was full of ideas and solutions from a host of accomplished speakers and panel members. The topics covered the profound shifts in marketing in a digital world and the challenges it presents along with the ways to overcome them. If you are looking to grow your business in the coming years, you absolutely want to have your key marketing executives attend MarTech!
Jacob Varghese, FITT
It was, by far, the best conference I've been to. Well run, wonderful presenters. I took a lot of ideas away for immediate application within my organization.
Elizabeth Murphy, State Street Global Advisors
MarTech brought me the most actual insights on the current integration of Marketing, Technology and IT. These developments do not only shape our marketing future, but will also be decisive for the business strategy of almost every organization. The conference was powerful and energetic, with an excellent list of speakers. It also offered great opportunities for networking with other participants. In a fast changing marketing landscape this conference is a 'must attend' for every strategist and marketing professional.
Peter Sprenger, Techonomy Europe
MarTech was the only conference I attended this year because I knew it would be worth not only the money but, more importantly, the time. Scott Brinker and his team assembled a vendor-neutral panel, a refreshing break from the conference norm. The group was made up of marketers itching to dive deep into the details of how technology is impacting marketing, as well as improving not only our companies' bottom lines, but also our customers' lives.
Melinda Byerley, Vendorsi
Excellent presenters that have vast industry knowledge and were very informative and it's a fantastic forum to meet and discuss issues and solutions with marketing technologist peers.
Shawn McCallum, Dell
Great topics and speakers. Very engaging and full of insightful information. I have a marketing operations background but it help put focus on the growing challenges we all face across many marketing/tech capabilities.
Jane Marchand, DigitaLBi
I thought MarTech was fantastic; a great investment of time and money. The speakers (especially the keynotes) were first rate; the audience was highly engaged and the venue was seriously amazing. I was a convert before I got there, but I'm now fully convinced that marketing technologists are to marketing today what social media pioneers were in 2005. Despite the progress, everything is still being defined, and that translates to opportunities galore for those who hop on board today. It will be fascinating to see how theory, so passionately evangelized at this inaugural conference translates over time into actionable learning from high profile case studies.
Rick Murray
One of the best shows I've been to (and been to many). Content focused and on track - rock-star speakers.
Mitchel Ahern, Cantina
Well done, MarTech! I loved the power packed agenda, awesome speakers and above all that it was not about vendors but about us; the MarTech community. After several years, I finally found the conference that I was searching for; a conference fully focused on the marketing technology space.
Rohit Parbhakar
It was great to pull together all of the MarTech unicorns in one room and hear all about the work they are doing. Excellent speakers.
Jennifer Gruniger, Dell
Well informed speakers, good solutions overall at expo. Hearing perspectives and strategy from other CMOs was useful.
Adam Arnette, Nobilis Healthcare
Relevant sessions, good speakers and loved the quicker format. Great job keeping audience engaged. Vendors were great and offered good mix of practical solutions.
Jeff Bowman, Pecora Corporation
Learned a ton and feel like the information shared will continue to drive my company to stay on the forefront of the MarTech world. Thanks for a great 2 days.
Bryan Greaves, Truthe
Fantastic learning and networking opportunities. Great energy, professionally sponsored and great ability to connect, speak with and learn from industry thought leaders.
Candace Jenum, Ion Interactive
Great presentations, learning experiences and thought invoking opportunities... Lots of vendors in one place. And a VERY well orchestrated conference!
Greg Lindout, Amway
Great topics and speakers, valuable interactions with vendors and peers.
John West, Honeywell Sensing & Control
The best (only?) conference to get a sense of the mar tech landscape, where it is, and where it's going.
Keith Holloway,
Terrific content, fantastic speakers and a wealth of learning and affirmation.
Mike Atwood, Wilde Agency
I find this the only conference that provides information and insight into the skills and tools necessary to navigate the overlap between marketing and technology.
Sue Haddrill, Nestle Purina PetCare
Vendor agnostic program, and 'how we did it' style presentations that are relevant to our organization needs = a conference program that isn't currently available anywhere else.