Learn to harness the power of martech to deploy great customer experiences

Adopting a “customer-first” approach is what the “Customer Journey and Digital Experiences” track at MarTech is all about. Easy to say, hard to do.

Customer experiences need to be personal, deliver on your brand promise, and maintain consistency across devices and functions. Getting there means deploying powerful marketing technologies and having the organizational talent and mindset to pull it off.

Attend MarTech and you’ll hear from leading analysts, consultants and brand practitioners discuss frameworks for technology-powered customer experiences and the interplay of psychology and technology.

Expert MarTech Speakers

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Don’t miss these insightful sessions and keynotes:


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Keynotes: The State of Marketing Technology, Mapping the Boundaries Between Marketing Art & Science and Secrets to a Great Partnership Between a CMO and a Head of Martech

Keynotes: Adopting a Marketing Mindset for the Modern Digital World; Graduating as a Chief Marketing Technologist; and When the Customer Becomes the First Party

AdTech & Social

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How to Align Your Marketing Automation with Social Ads

Intelligent Bidding Using Non-SEM Sources

Orchestrating an ABM Campaign with Advertising, Content & Direct Mail

Implementing an ABM Strategy

The Convergence of Adtech & Martech Within Enterprise Platforms

Pinterest and the Marketing Technology Ecosystem: Connecting the Dots From Inspiration to Purchase

Taming the Social Media Beast: How Spotify Delivers Amazing Experiences to Millions of Customers


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Personalization at Scale: It's Possible Today

Redefining Personalization From Product Inception Through Customer Marketing

CX Appeal: Technology to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

The Future of Customer Experiences and Emerging Technology: Moving from Silos to Connected Ecosystems

Beyond CRO Basics: How to Use Psychological Principles to Improve Your Customer Experience & Increase Conversions

Using Data Science to Personalize Experiences Across Channels

Ubernomics: Fault Lines in the Economy of Now

The Future of Conversational UI

Emerging MarTech

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A Legendary Approach: Disrupting Hollywood with Paradigms and Analytics

Marketing with Data During the Digital Revolution

Tales from the Trenches: Data Disasters and How to Avoid Them

7 KPIs That Every Business Should be Reporting on, Analyzing and Forecasting

The Meaning and Impact of Emerging Data Protection Regulations

The Identity Resolution Imperative: Building the Foundation for Marketing in a Post-Digital World

Singing the Customer Data Platform Blues

Digital Transformation

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Martech Transformation: From Aspiration to Roadmap

Designing Customer Experiences by Leveraging Data and Analytics

Sprint's Pre-Paid Digital Transformation: Using Machine Learning & Multi-Armed Bandit Experimentation to Optimize Every Interaction Across the Customer Journey

The Connected Marketer: A Unifying Approach for Understanding & Managing Digital Transformation

From Separate Silos to End-to-End Collaborators: How Martech Bridged the Sales-Marketing Gap for SAP

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Acquisition

How Microsoft is Driving Stronger Customer Experience and Business Results Through a Highly-Scaled Martech Ecosystem and Tight Integration of Marketing to Sales

The Rise of Conversational AI - A Marketer's Guide to Chatbots

Marketing Tech's Next Game Changer: Bot-to-Bot Marketing

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