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Raves for MarTech Events

Outstanding event! Great and energetic speakers, great vendors/solutions and honestly the food was some of the best I have had at an event.

Correy Honza, Healthgrades

Love love love this conference - thank you for all that your team does to bring it to Boston every year!

Jorge Garcia, Akamai Technologies, Inc.

This years sessions were spot on with what our Marketing Technology / Operations teams are facing today. Very poignant.

Kristoffer Mize, Publix Super Markets, Inc

Loved the size, location and laid back feel of this conference compared to other big conferences I've attended.

Kirsty Wunder, BlackBerry

Great program and very relevant, timely topics.

Scott MacDonald, Royal Philips

Loved the blend of leadership, tech, analytics, and marketing focus.

Sean Foote, Wilton

There was a good mix of high-level content and case studies, as well as slightly more in-depth content. All topics were relevant.

Ashley Cover, Ciena Corporation

Great presentations, especially from the keynote speakers. So much valuable information!

Christine Clymens, South Shore Bank

Martech was a good opportunity to meet a large number of emerging vendors in one place.

Mark Blessing, Altus Alliance

I liked the intimate venue- I learned much and made new connections.

Marge Dean, SmartCom Consultants

After going two years in a row, I still plan on going for a third year. The content is varied, I met new vendors, and met new people. Keep up the great work!

Justin Shine - Slalom

Great conference for getting a full look at the mar-tech landscape.

Ryan Pence - Tealium

It was a great event. Well organized.

Bryce Geddes - Richardson Pioneer

Great content! I really enjoyed the presentations and found the topics relevant and valuable. I liked listening to speakers during lunch and the happy hours during hall time.

Sergio Lemus - Eaton

It was a great conference, truly honed towards marketing operations professionals, and applicable globally (I travelled from the UK for it).

Daniel Trillo - Contino

Knowledgeable speakers, great content.

Mary Healy - Opus

Very well organized.

Faten Mansour - Design Exquisite/NASA

GREAT format, venue, vendors, speakers, food!

Christine Grable - AT&T Business

This was my first MarTech conference and I was so impressed with the quality of content, the focus of the attendees, and the quality of learning and connections made. Thank you.

Terri L. Bartlett - Marketing EDGE

Content was great; keep it up!

Amy McVicar - Autodesk

The set up and overall experience are more on point at MarTech than any other conference I've ever attended. A few particulars I appreciated include: 1. The presentation content was on point. This is the only conference not run by a vendor so you get solid content from people overseeing the space for their organization. There was a solid lineup of speakers that left me with so much inspiration for my own career as well as ideas to start implementing now. Also, the sales-specific presentations for solutions are accessible, but they're kept to the "theater" areas - the best location for those types of demos and topics we do want to hear. Well done. 2. The slide decks were readily available AT the conference and easily accessed after. I've been to several conferences where it's said they're be available or they're posted in "this location" but MarTech really streamlines them by sending and email and having them all ready to go on drop box - that's huge! 3. It's a minor detail but makes a big difference - putting the refreshments and a place to sit during breaks in the same location but behind the Expo Hall. It forces us to walk through and talk to the sales people but also relax and survey the space better before being sold. I'll definitely be back!

Kati Davis - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

Absolutely loved the San Jose convention center compared to other like-sized conferences in San Francisco and Vegas... really enjoyed my time at Martech and look forward to every year.

Zach Alves - Plantronics

Great learning for me as we start out on the road to implementing our Martech strategy. Most useful were case studies from people who have been down the road.

Bob Tait - Xilinx

It was a great conference. The sessions were fantastic and focusing on real case studies is definitely the right way to go.

Arunn Ramadoss - Talis Education Ltd.

Compact, high-value presentations, made available afterwards. Experienced speakers


Concentrated learning experience

Paul Pickering -

Excellent speakers, case studies were very interesting and particularly liked the admittance of failure of certain projects.

Gail Banim - Rabodirect

From start to finish, every session was informative and relevant to the challenges being faced in transforming organisations both technically and culturally to drive customer engagement. Great speaker line up and packed with practical take outs that will help us immediately derive benefit from attending the conference.

Graham Thomas - Liverpool Football Club

Great content, from companies not vendors.

Matthew Tod - PwC

The content was great in terms of current challenges and best practices, as well as providing tools and guidance for businesses that need to introduce change.

Adele Ghantous - Lapis Angularis

Agenda was excellent. Most speakers were high quality I liked the single track and each pitch was exactly the right length. I like the mix of b2b and b2c

Adam Sharp - CleverTouch

The inaugural MarTech was full of ideas and solutions from a host of accomplished speakers and panel members. The topics covered the profound shifts in marketing in a digital world and the challenges it presents along with the ways to overcome them. If you are looking to grow your business in the coming years, you absolutely want to have your key marketing executives attend MarTech!

Jacob Varghese - FITT

It was, by far, the best conference I've been to. Well run, wonderful presenters. I took a lot of ideas away for immediate application within my organization.

Elizabeth Murphy - State Street Global Advisors

MarTech brought me the most actual insights on the current integration of Marketing, Technology and IT. These developments do not only shape our marketing future, but will also be decisive for the business strategy of almost every organization. The conference was powerful and energetic, with an excellent list of speakers. It also offered great opportunities for networking with other participants. In a fast changing marketing landscape this conference is a 'must attend' for every strategist and marketing professional.

Peter Sprenger - Techonomy Europe

MarTech was the only conference I attended this year because I knew it would be worth not only the money but, more importantly, the time. Scott Brinker and his team assembled a vendor-neutral panel, a refreshing break from the conference norm. The group was made up of marketers itching to dive deep into the details of how technology is impacting marketing, as well as improving not only our companies' bottom lines, but also our customers' lives.

Melinda Byerley - Vendorsi

Excellent presenters that have vast industry knowledge and were very informative and it's a fantastic forum to meet and discuss issues and solutions with marketing technologist peers.

Shawn McCallum - Dell

Great topics and speakers. Very engaging and full of insightful information. I have a marketing operations background but it help put focus on the growing challenges we all face across many marketing/tech capabilities.

Jane Marchand - DigitaLBi

I thought MarTech was fantastic; a great investment of time and money. The speakers (especially the keynotes) were first rate; the audience was highly engaged and the venue was seriously amazing. I was a convert before I got there, but I'm now fully convinced that marketing technologists are to marketing today what social media pioneers were in 2005. Despite the progress, everything is still being defined, and that translates to opportunities galore for those who hop on board today. It will be fascinating to see how theory, so passionately evangelized at this inaugural conference translates over time into actionable learning from high profile case studies.

Rick Murray -

One of the best shows I've been to (and been to many). Content focused and on track - rock-star speakers.

Mitchel Ahern - Cantina

Well done, MarTech! I loved the power packed agenda, awesome speakers and above all that it was not about vendors but about us; the MarTech community. After several years, I finally found the conference that I was searching for; a conference fully focused on the marketing technology space.

Rohit Parbhakar -

It was great to pull together all of the MarTech unicorns in one room and hear all about the work they are doing. Excellent speakers.

Jennifer Gruniger - Dell

Well informed speakers, good solutions overall at expo. Hearing perspectives and strategy from other CMOs was useful.

Adam Arnette - Nobilis Healthcare

Relevant sessions, good speakers and loved the quicker format. Great job keeping audience engaged. Vendors were great and offered good mix of practical solutions.

Jeff Bowman - Pecora Corporation

Learned a ton and feel like the information shared will continue to drive my company to stay on the forefront of the MarTech world. Thanks for a great 2 days.

Bryan Greaves - Truthe

Fantastic learning and networking opportunities. Great energy, professionally sponsored and great ability to connect, speak with and learn from industry thought leaders.

Candace Jenum - Ion Interactive

Great presentations, learning experiences and thought invoking opportunities... Lots of vendors in one place. And a VERY well orchestrated conference!

Greg Lindout - Amway

Great topics and speakers, valuable interactions with vendors and peers.

John West - Honeywell Sensing & Control

The best (only?) conference to get a sense of the mar tech landscape, where it is, and where it's going.

Keith Holloway -

Terrific content, fantastic speakers and a wealth of learning and affirmation.

Mike Atwood - Wilde Agency

I find this the only conference that provides information and insight into the skills and tools necessary to navigate the overlap between marketing and technology.

Sue Haddrill - Nestle Purina PetCare

Vendor agnostic program, and 'how we did it' style presentations that are relevant to our organization needs = a conference program that isn't currently available anywhere else.

Stephen Allcock - Questrade

Great speakers and content, excellent moderation of panelist discussions allowing a lot of information, ideas, and insights to come out.

Justin Wong - Stein IAS

Great opportunity to provoke discussions on the convergence of Marketing and Technology.

Barry Stein - Tech Data

Good energy, thought leaders and ever-expanding vendor options.

Eileen Baumann - Uncork-it

Great content aligned to a marketing technologist role. Very well put together agenda, good food, great keynotes and tons of takeaways. The expo hall was also full of options of learning new tech.

Jennifer Clegg - CA Technologies

Martech is the most efficient way to get up to speed and stay current with advances in the marketing field and vendors providing solutions.

Justin Wollenhaupt - Specialty Food Association

This conference is the perfect place to connect with vendors and network with customers that are already using the platforms you are considering or using the same tools in your MarTech, very strategic insights overall from the speakers, a couple of days packed with content and on top of that, a beautiful city. Thanks for putting this together, I'll be back next year.

Luis Fajardo - Life Extension

This conference was a game changer for me. It helped me confirm that my expertise is right on par with the industry and my peers. I also fully understand where our technology stack stands (and that it is overkill in many ways, which is better than not enough). And don't get me started on the fabulous contacts I made. That, by far, was the best part of the conference. Thanks Scott!!!!! So awesome.

Mishel Justesen - Armanino LLP

Great content, excellent speakers and a well-structured event. Best congress I have been to in some time.

Ron Jacobs - Jacobs & Clevenger

Great speakers, relevant topics, overall transparency @ openness of the presentation

Terri Peterson - 3M

Whether you're in marketing, sales, or IT, it's a great place to learn about all of the different tools and approaches out there, network with your peers, share war stories about what's working and not working, and have fun while learning.

Wayne Coburn - Westfield Retail Solutions

I've been to multiple technology conferences (Adobe Summit, BrightEdge Share events, Search Engine Strategies, etc) and for my company the number of actionable, next step business centric conversations exceeded my personal expectations. Personally, I'm relatively new to B2B and this event was incredible for our category.

Jeremy Goodrich - Treasure Data

This is my favorite conference of the year. Hands down better than the bigger conferences like SFDC's Dreamforce, or Oracle's OpenWorld and Modern Customer Experience (formerly MME).

Nate Ratzlaff - Cisco Systems

Overall, MarTech itself was very educational, and the variety of sessions made it possible to touch a little bit on each of the Marketing, Management, Solutions, and Technology tracks.

Alicia Chan - MAU Workforce Solutions

Excellent content, professional presenters, and action we can take everyday.

Keith Tarter - Precocity LLC

The best conference I attended this year. Definitely won't miss the next one!

Robert Moore - Masonite International

Compelling agenda and efficient format.

Sunder Sarangan - Persistent Systems

Such a forward thinking and ahead of the curve conference. It's quite eye opening just how advanced some of the tech really is today. Vendors were helpful and friendly. Most sessions were extremely valuable and informative. I have a lot to do in Q4 to get our stack in a good place!

Lindsay Kelley - Telit

This is my second time attending MarTech. I really enjoyed it and am taking a lot of new learning back to ASHA. Thank you!

Leslie Katz - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Best forum to stay up to date in the Tech-Marketing domain.

John Stanham - Fern Analytics

The conference content was very strong. I made a good choice this year to come to this conference instead of going to Dreamforce for the fourth time.

Scott Newcomer - InstaMed

I like that there is a very focused niche to this event as others tend to be bit broad in some ways. So this makes most of the content very relevant.

Alex Blanton - Tyson Foods

I thought this conference was great. The traffic was consistent and the expo hall layout was very nice.

Megan Myers - Instapage

Great location, informative sessions, food & snacks were tasty and lots of opportunities to network. I really enjoyed the conference and learning about the diverse aspects of MarTech. I liked that there was a mix of both bigger picture trends as well as more practical, hands-on sessions where I can apply the knowledge more readily. I am a client-side marketer and significantly preferred the presentations from brands/marketers vs. vendors. Venue was good with sufficient signage to direct folks. I think the content and expertise offered in Martech East was very deep, thorough and wide.The accesibility to speakers and technology was superb. Congratulations.

Laurel Ackerman - Namogoo

Great for networking. This is a community that is eager to learn from each other and learn new technology trends.

Pamela Della Motta - The New York Times