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A Guide To Speaking At MarTech

Thank you for your interest in presenting at MarTech! Our next conference will take place in Boston, MA on October 1-3, 2018, and that event’s pitch form is now open. Please read on to get a better understanding of what we’re looking for in regards to submissions.

Content: The speaker suggestions most likely to be accepted are those that tackle a meaningful topic at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. We think of MarTech as a “graduate level” conference program. Most attendees are already familiar with the basics of digital marketing and are looking to take their strategy and practice to the next level; we love presentation ideas that are targeted at that level.

Format: Most presentations will be 45-minute talks accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, delivered by either a solo or two speakers. Please propose your session with that level of depth in mind. In a few cases, we may consider a panel discussion or a shorter 20-minute TED-style talk.

A Word On Selling: While we love marketing technology vendors and service providers, our audience is extremely wary of being “sold to” under the guise of an educational session. If you’re a speaker affiliated with such a company, please note that the bar is very high to convince us that your presentation won’t be interpreted that way. The best way to counter this is to either suggest a brand-name customer to speak on your behalf or pitch a joint presentation with you and that customer both on the stage together.

Interested in speaking at MarTech? Have an idea you'd like to suggest to our programming team? Here's how it all works!

Before an agenda is created, we open up a "suggestion box" for session ideas. At this stage, as we're developing the agenda, we're looking for ideas for sessions and suggestions for people we should consider as speakers. If we really like a session idea, we may use it to develop a session title and description, and in some cases will also ask the person who submitted the idea to be a speaker. This may be for a solo session (usually 25 minutes or so), or for a panel presentation (usually 15 minutes or so, with one or two other speakers).

Our next conference will take place in San Jose, CA on April 3-5, 2019. All speakers for this show have been selected.

We will be looking for session ideas and speaker suggestions for MarTech East (Boston, Sept. 16-18 2019) starting in March 2019. Please visit this page then to submit your ideas.

We invite you to propose a compelling presentation idea at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management that you'd be passionate about delivering.

Sessions at MarTech consist of a mix of 45-minute in-depth presentations and panels and 20-minute TED-style talks with slides.

We're looking for session proposals that are "graduate level" in nature -- not Digital Marketing 101 -- where a speaker will be able to authoritatively teach our advanced audience something new and meaningful from a vendor-neutral perspective.

Vendors: Your best chance of being represented in the editorial program is to secure a brand-name customer who is willing to share their story of how they successfully applied your solution.

Here are the key subject areas that we are looking to address in an agenda, but we are also open to your suggestions that fit "outside the box:"

  • Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

  • Marketing with Conversational Interfaces

  • Marketing with Augmented/Virtual Reality

  • Marketing and the Internet of Things

  • Marketing Data & Analytics

  • Convergence of Adtech & Martech

  • Martech Architecture & Operations

  • Martech-Enabled Strategy

  • Agile & Lean Martech Management

  • The Human Side of Martech

Key dates for MarTech 2019

This pitch form for this event will be closing in early June, 2018. We will not be accepting additional pitches once the form has closed.

We carefully review all ideas that are submitted. However, there are always more great ideas suggested than we have agenda slots available — so please understand if we’re not able to include yours in the program. We always keep great ideas and presenters in mind for future opportunities.

SHOWSession Ideas AcceptedAll Speakers Finalized
San Jose April 3-5Closed~ Jan
Boston Sept. 16-18~ Mar~June

Note: Unless denoted as optional, all items above are required to process your submission.

The session idea form will appear on this page during the timeframes noted above - check back then to submit your ideas.