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Creating connected experiences | A MarTech® Workshop

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Stop acquiring more marketing technology and start better connecting it to your digital customer experiences. This on-demand workshop will help you realize the full potential of your existing martech investment by better aligning it to your customer experience strategy and digital execution.

Drawing from decades of experience leading complex digital experience initiatives, your host Jeff Cram will share practical frameworks and models to find and fix the cracks in your digital customer experience and better connect your marketing technology to support the customer journey.

This workshop will cover:

  • Creating a digital experience map. Building connected experiences starts with better understanding the relationship between your marketing technology and customer experience. We’ll share at how digital experience mapping can be used as a model for organizational alignment and a foundation for prioritizing areas of improvement.

  • Common pitfalls and barriers. Learn where some of the most frequent challenges are for organizations trying to better connect their marketing technology (CRM, Content Management, Marketing Automation, Analytics and Testing) and what you can do to overcome them.

  • Content as the connective tissue. Understand how the role of content can help bind your teams and digital experiences together and why it should be a capability shared across the entire organization.

  • Organizational readiness. Learn how to assess how prepared your organization is to create connected experiences and understand the key competencies required to have sustained success.

  • Putting personas to work. Hear how you can get more from your existing personas and better align customer insight programs with marketing technology implementations.

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On-demand recordings will be available until Monday, May 17.

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Jeff Cram

About Jeff Cram

Jeff Cram is a Partner at PK, a global experience engineering firm that helps organizations deepen their connection with customers and accelerate business outcomes. Jeff has 20+ years of experience working with brands at the intersection of digital strategy and customer experience to help bring more connected experiences to life.