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April 24, 2019 by Scott Brinker

What martech challenges have you faced? How did you overcome them? Submit your pitch to speak now!

We just wrapped the MarTech Conference in San Jose and are already hard at work planning our next event happening September 16-18 in Boston. We’d love to have you as one of our speakers!

We’re going to program this next MarTech a little differently than we have in the past. Previous MarTech agendas have been intentionally eclectic, with a wide variety of themes and presentation formats.

But marketing technology and operations is becoming a more mainstream profession. We’re seeing patterns of martech management turning into rules and frameworks. And, as our latest salary survey revealed, the roles and responsibilities of marketing operations and technology are increasingly well-defined.

There are a lot more people coming into this profession — and a lot more people in it who are looking to advance their skills and understanding in a more structured way for the challenges that are unique to marketing operations and technology management.

So for this next MarTech, we’re going to organize all of the sessions around concrete pain points in marketing operations and technology and their real-world, battle-tested, vendor-agnostic solutions.

If you would like to share your experience and insight with the community around a martech challenge you’ve faced and the way you addressed it, we’d love for you to send in a proposal to speak!

The best way to truly master something is to teach it to others.

Our call-for-speakers form is now open for proposals through Friday, May 24.

We ask that you submit proposed sessions with a title and description that explains the solution that you’ll present. Here’s a sample of the kind of session titles that would catch our attention:

  • Applying data science in marketing
  • Implementing good marketing attribution for ROI
  • Maintaining data quality across multiple systems
  • Migrating major martech system (e.g., CRM, MAP)
  • Complying with privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA)
  • Negotiating effectively with martech vendors
  • Training marketing staff on using martech systems
  • Designing and managing conversational marketing (e.g., chat, bots)
  • Integrating martech using iPaaS and workflow tools
  • Leveraging the gig economy in martech
  • Using no-code “citizen developer” tools in martech
  • Securing your martech stack
  • Running agile marketing teams
  • Finding, interviewing, and hiring martech & marketing ops staff
  • Managing a budget for martech & marketing operations
  • Internationalize a martech stack
  • Testing and monitoring the performance of your martech stack
  • Interfacing marketing ops, sales ops & customer service
  • Managing customer identity across multiple martech touchpoints
  • Scaling and supporting content marketing with martech
  • Leveraging martech for account-based marketing

Feel free to riff on one of the above titles, but we’d also love to hear other suggestions. As part of the proposal submission process, we will ask you to put it in one of these topic buckets — but “Other” is a valid option:

  • Agile marketing & change management
  • Analytics & data science for marketing
  • Budgeting, attribution & ROI in marketing
  • Content/creative technology & operations
  • Cross-organizational martech (sales, service)
  • Customer data management & quality control
  • Emerging marketing technologies usable today
  • Innovative martech-powered campaigns & programs
  • Integrating best-of-breed marketing stacks
  • Negotiating, managing & migrating martech vendors
  • No-code apps & automation (“citizen developers”)
  • Organizing & managing marketing operations teams
  • Privacy, compliance, and security for martech
  • Talent & training/marketing enablement
  • Other

For martech vendors: We’re open to having you speak in our editorial program. After all, you’re no doubt one of the leading experts in your field. But because our audience is extremely skeptical of “pitches” from the editorial stage, we set a really high bar for vendors to speak in the editorial program.

Your best bet as a martech vendor is to have a customer share their story of using your product. Your next best bet is to propose a completely vendor-agnostic presentation on the topic of your expertise. It should be something that would leave attendees — even one of your competitors — thinking, “That was a very educational and unbiased talk.”

Ready? We’re super excited to hear your ideas. The sooner you send in your suggestion, the sooner we can review it — we’ll be accepting speakers on a rolling basis up through the deadline of Friday, May 24. Session proposals that come in earlier definitely have an advantage.

Submit your pitch now!

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