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MarTech Master Classes: Expert-led marketing training

Explore the inner-workings of attribution analysis, arm yourself with insights and advice to purchase your next martech solution, and prepare yourself for the impending pivot to Google Analytics 4! Attend your choice of tactic-rich MarTech Master Class — expert-led training experiences — available online for only $199 each.

These exclusive training experiences deliver actionable tactics you can implement immediately — and intimate Q&A opportunities that address your specific queries and curiosities. It’s all streamed directly to your computer for a fraction of the cost of in-person events (and a fraction of the time investment, too).

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Your $199 Master Class pass unlocks access to ONE Master Class.

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Why should you attend a MarTech Master Class?

Attending a Master Class is a terrific step toward a more successful campaign, company, and career:

Soak up actionable tactics

After four hours of intense training, you’ll walk away with actionable tactics and specific steps you can implement immediately.

Train with trusted experts

Meet your Master Class instructors – seasoned experts in their respective fields who know their stuff and are ready to share. Not only will you learn reliable, proven tactics – but hearing what the best in the biz are up to will empower you to validate your instincts and initiatives.

Engage in extended Q&A

Attend your Master Class live for the chance to get in-depth answers to your specific questions. Q&A runs throughout the day, giving you plenty of time to engage your instructors with your case-by-case curiosities.

Unlock exclusive advice

MarTech Master Classes may follow structured curriculums… but anything goes during interactive Q&A breaks: 100% live means 100% unique. Put another way, you’ll pick up insights, tidbits, tips, and tricks you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Streamline your training experience

If you’re like most marketers, you’re juggling a ton of priorities… and while continued training is essential, multi-week training courses can be a drain on productivity. MarTech Master Classes pack need-to-know knowledge and invaluable Q&A into four laser-focused hours, so you can efficiently grow your skills and put them to work right away.

Enjoy on-demand access

Whether you’re unable to make time during the day, have to step away for an important meeting, or want to replay portions for deeper learning – you’ll be able to access your entire Master Class on-demand online until August 5, 2022.

World-class training for a fraction of the cost

For just $199, you’ll unlock four jam-packed hours of premium marketing content designed and delivered by industry legends. It’s all yours for less than the cost of a plane ticket to an in-person event.

Attend from anywhere

Virtual access means everyone can attend with ease: No plane ticket, no hotel room, no travel. Log on from your office, kitchen table, couch… wherever!

Demonstrate your commitment to continued training

Attend a MarTech Master Class to earn your very own personalized Certificate of Completion and a nifty digital badge. Use them to verify attendance to your manager, demonstrate your knowledge of the latest industry topics and trends, beef up your CV, resumé, and LinkedIn qualifications, and showcase your involvement in the search marketing community.

Cross-train on multiple disciplines (and save 15%)

More and more, marketing is an integrated industry — technology is your key to delivering exceptional experiences, data and analytics fuel top-level decisions, and on it goes. Cross-train on multiple critical disciplines when you purchase more than one Master Class – and enjoy 15% off total registration* while you’re at it.

Unite your team (and save up to 20%)

Attending with your colleagues not only unlocks special group discounts, it helps promote a sense of camaraderie and gets your team on the same page — mission-critical for remote teams, and tremendously beneficial for in-person teams, too. Group discounts depend on your party size… learn more here and email to receive your personalized group discount code.

*Please note that discounts for different offers cannot be combined.