The martech salary survey is now available

March 14, 2018 by Michelle Robbins

The 2018 Martech Salary Survey

Today, we’re releasing the results of the martech salary survey, produced in conjunction with

In addition to gathering compensation data, the survey was designed to assess the roles, responsibilities and departmental reporting structures of marketing technology practitioners. The final data set represents information provided by 432 respondents, the majority of whom (43.1 percent) identified their role as a combination of marketing operations and technology.

While marketing technology and operations roles were reported at all levels throughout organizations, 57.6 percent of respondents were at staff or manager level, and 41.3 percent were director or above. The data did not reveal a large cohort of “Chief Marketing Technologists” — only 11 percent of respondents were in VP or SVP roles — but it did confirm that the role, at all levels — is a function within the larger marketing department structure.

The full report parses salary and compensation in detail, but among the most interesting — and least surprising — data that surfaced was the gender gap in compensation:

It’s noteworthy that at very senior levels ($250,000+) this wage gap is not evident. Overall, however, woman comprised a larger percentage of lower-level-compensation roles:

Marketing technology and operations are not unique in this regard. A wealth of data exists, and study after study has examined compensation in a variety of industries and roles with the same conclusions reached: On average, men and women in the same roles are not compensated equally.

Technology in particular struggles with how to address this problem and arguments form around whether the problem is the pipeline or the cultures.

The gender disparities in technology have led to the development of organizations dedicated to addressing one or both of the dominant issues identified. Groups like Girls Who Code and Women Who Code tackle the pipeline issue directly by sponsoring young girls and women and providing STEM training and career support. Other technology training schools likewise provide scholarships and incentives to attract women into these programs.

In an effort to balance their program’s enrollment, the Wyncode Academy is announcing this month a $1.5 million scholarship program — representing 930 scholarships — over the next four years. Johanna Mikkola, CEO of Wyncode Academy, said that “Wyncode is seeking to be one of the first to change the landscape and bring our classrooms and hopefully, the industry as a whole, to becoming a more balanced and inclusive place for women.”

Other initiatives such as The Leaky Pipeline seek to address both the pipeline and the culture issues.

Revisiting this salary survey annually may assist in tracking if and how these programs impact the gender wage gap.

You can download the full 25-page report by completing this form.


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