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Take a Deep Dive with a MarTech® Workshop

Enhance your MarTech experience with an immersive, half-day workshop! Each expert-led workshop tackles a thorny, exciting, crucial aspect of modern marketing and offers invaluable networking opportunities. Don't miss this unique chance to train with the pros!

All workshops will be held on September 16. Stay tuned for a list of workshops coming to Boston!

Nearly everyone attending MarTech is planning to implement a new technology solution in the next year. But what are best practices for evaluating technologies, choosing vendors, and getting your colleagues on board with the process? Tony Byrne will answer those questions and more in this in-depth workshop.

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The pace of marketing is accelerating. And marketing teams need to keep pace. This workshop will show you how to do just that! Marketing pioneer Andrea Fryrear will show you how adopting “agile” and “lean” methods will lead to better marketing results.

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SOLD OUT! Want to get the full payoff from your marketing technology investments? Aligning them with your customer experience strategy and digital execution. Attend this workshop for practical frameworks and models to identify and fix cracks in your digital customer experience.

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Most marketers, if you really push them, admit that their data is a mess. If you’re one of them, join David Raab for a comprehensive dive into customer data platforms: what are they, why you need one, choosing the right solution, and preparing the business case for adoption.

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