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MarTech® is an intense, two-day conference designed for hybrid leaders in the marketing technology world. We deliver an unparalleled experience learning from experts, connecting with your peers, and meeting with leading marketing technology vendors. If you’re charged with breaking down silos and assembling marketing technology stacks that deliver exceptional results for their organizations, MarTech was made for you.

Our blended curriculum of marketing, technology, and management topics unearths new possibilities, reveals emerging opportunities, and affirms the work you do. The dynamic, intelligent community that gathers at MarTech will help accelerate your career and empower you to become a stronger, more confident professional.

MarTech is coming to Boston October 1-3!

The complete agenda is now live! Here's a peek at some of the incredible sessions and brands featured at MarTech:


  • Breaking Down Data Silos to Increase Sales: The Data Strategy of the NBA’s Utah Jazz

  • Using Martech to Deliver Rapid Growth While Managing Large Scale, with Dropbox


  • Insights from Inside the Marketing Stack, with Dell, CabinetM, and SmarterTravel

  • Everything a Marketer Should Know About Sales Tech (But Was Afraid to Ask), with Smart Selling Tools


  • Product Management in Martech and How Marketing and Technology Can Work Even Better Together, with the New York Times

  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: How to Build a Martech Roadmap Your Organization Can Rally Around, with Total Wine


MarTech is an inspiring, cross-pollinated environment that transcends traditional boundaries between marketing and technology, and encourages creative collaboration across the organization. Together, we’ll explore a broad range of crucial issues and ideas while exploring the content of each presentation. You’ll get case studies and strategies from real-world marketing professionals.

What you won’t get is a sales pitch from vendors with agendas and quotas. You won’t get irrelevant fluff from celebrities. Unlike some industry conferences, we’re not beholden to one software or professional services firm looking to hock its wares. Our singular focus is your experience, not making next quarter’s sales quota.


Here are some of our favorite reasons for why you should join us at MarTech:

You’ll learn from real-world senior level marketers.

Speakers make the conference, and MarTech delivers experts from brands, agencies, and integrators. MarTech Program Chair Scott Brinker personally selects individuals eager to help you understand, implement, and integrate marketing technologies, rethink your marketing strategy, and build talent-rich cross-functional marketing teams. We don’t put celebs on the agenda for the sake of entertainment. You’ll learn from real people working in real-world situations.

No hard sells allowed.

MarTech is independent. It’s not owned by a vendor. We don’t have axes to grind (or sales targets to meet) when it comes to any technology or platform. Speakers are selected based on their professional chops to address a topic and don’t pay for the privilege. Identifying sessions where vendors pay to present isn’t a mystery; we tell you when they’ve done so.

You’ll meet others like you.

You’ll share strategies, ideas, and experiences with others like you who are charged with dragging their organizations — often kicking and screaming — into the future of marketing. You’ll meet them during breaks, receptions, and networking events.

MarTech is as pleasant as it is productive.

"Ah ha" moments delivered by expert presenters and connecting with other marketing technology pros like you is just the beginning. You’ll also enjoy structured and unstructured networking, discover results-driving and time-saving solutions, plus the conveniences that make attending engaging and exciting: great meals and snacks, free WiFi, and a friendly environment.

It’s an amazing team-building opportunity.

Your team is talented and has diverse backgrounds and skills, but sometimes getting everyone on the same page is difficult. Attending together will unite your crew with a common experience and vocabulary, and provide the foundation for rapid progress. We even offer special rates for teams.

It’s programmed with passion.

Scott has chronicled the rise of marketing technology and its impact on marketing strategy, management, and culture on since 2008. He also creates the annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic, and is the author of Hacking Marketing, a guide to marketing management in a software-driven world. No one is more qualified to program, guide, and moderate a marketing technology conference.

It’s an outstanding value… no matter the budget.

We know those attending MarTech have differing needs and budgets. That’s why we offer a variety of options:

  • All Access Passes include the access to the full MarTech agenda: sessions, keynotes, networking, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, Expo Hall access, and free WiFi. (Workshops excluded.)

  • For maximum value, add a half-day, exclusive MarTech workshop for an opportunity to train in an immersive, intimate environment. Led by recognized industry experts, MarTech workshops offer best-practices training and invaluable networking opportunities.

  • Expo+ Passes are great if discovering and vetting marketing solutions is your goal. You can efficiently evaluate many solutions in a short period of time without endless phone calls or on-site vendor visits.

Rates increase as we get closer to the event, so book early to secure the best rate on either ticket. See today’s rates here!

Curious about MarTech, but still unsure about attending? Check out past speaker presentations, awards winners, and testimonials!

Tell Me More About MarTech!

Send me event updates and exclusive offers to MarTech!