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Using CDP to Make the Most of Your Customer Data | A MarTech® Workshop

Monday, September 16, 2019 @ the Hynes Convention Center

How you manage your customer data depends on your business goals and strategy. At this workshop, we’ll start with a process to understand your overall business, uncover the implicit or explicit strategy driving business decisions, and relate that strategy to decisions about marketing programs and resources. Then, we’ll look at how to document your existing marketing systems and identify the functions you may need to add or improve.

Using CDP to Make the Most of Your Customer Data will cover:

  • What’s a Customer Data Platform? We’ll define the features of a Customer Data Platform, how CDPs work, what makes them special, and where they fit within the larger scheme of marketing systems. Next, we’ll describe other systems that may solve some of the same problems as CDPs. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and which is best for different situations.

  • Defining Your Needs. Understanding and documenting your requirements is the key to improving your systems. We’ll practice a structured approach to defining business use cases, deriving system requirements from those use cases, finding gaps in existing systems, and planning how to fill those gaps.

  • Conditions for Success. We’ll learn how to assess the technical and organizational factors that affect your success with customer data. Specific topics will include data quality, measurement systems, and business case preparation. You’ll build a comprehensive list of items to address before moving ahead with your project.

  • Finding the Right CDP. With dozens of CDPs to choose from, there’s a good chance that one exists which fits your needs – if you can find it. We’ll cover how to quickly identify the most relevant vendors, running an efficient but thorough selection process, the key role of scenarios in making a sound choice, when you need a Request for Proposal and how to write one if you do, and making the best use of vendor references.

  • Planning Your Deployment. We’ll discuss what you can do in advance to ensure a quick and successful deployment. Topics include a typical deployment plan, what to expect from the vendor, what your own staff will need to provide, and how to define project stages to deliver the most value in the least time.

  • Vendor viewpoint. Wrap up the workshop by asking your toughest questions to a panel of industry vendors, featuring Maverick Garner of Arm Treasure Data, Ben Knight of BlueVenn, and Elizabeth Marshall of Tealium. Anything goes: pricing, deployment times, product features, good and bad use cases, best and worst selection techniques. Get straight answers without the fluff.

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David Raab

About David Raab

David M. Raab is founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, which educates marketers and technologists about customer data management. As Principal at Raab Associates, Inc., he has been helping marketers to understand, find and deploy appropriate technologies since 1987. Typical projects include marketing process analysis, architecture planning, needs definition, and vendor selection. He also consults with industry vendors on product and business strategy.

David regularly speaks and teaches at conferences around the world. He has published hundreds of articles on marketing technology and is author of The Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit (Racom Books, 2009). Additional research appears regularly on his blog http://customerexperiencematrix.blogspot.com.

He holds a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and MBA from the Harvard Business School. Prior to Raab Associates, he held senior marketing positions in the publishing and continuity industry.

Maverick Garner

About Maverick Garner

Maverick is the Director of Partner Technical Enablement at Arm Treasure Data, and part of the business development team. For the past 25 years, maverick has held various roles within startups and large companies alike, such as software developer & designer, project manager, professional services engineer, customer success, and global partner enablement.

Prior to Arm Treasure Data, maverick was an early employee at Splunk back in 2006 and spent almost twelve years there helping the company grow from $1M company with five customers to a $1B+ company with over 15,000 customers.

Ben Knight

About Ben Knight

Ben has worked in database marketing throughout his career and has consulted with many enterprise and SMB brands to deliver successful CDP and marketing automation projects. Ben is passionate about leveraging best in class technology to develop innovative solutions that deliver value and success to BlueVenn's clients.

Elizabeth Marshall

About Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth Marshall is a passionate and well-versed technical solutions consultant with over 10 years of experience in the digital space. She is currently the US Northwest and Central Manager, Solutions Consulting, Tealium where she supports today’s top brands in unifying their customer data to better connect with their audiences.