MarTech East Solutions Presenter:

Kenneth (Shark) Kinney

Podcast Host of "A Shark's Perspective" / VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy, Ai Media Group

Kenneth (Shark) Kinney, is a highly accomplished and creative marketer and lead generation driver, growth executive, and nationally-renowned consultant and speaker. He is passionate about leveraging data in omni-channel strategies and known for driving growth in Digital Marketing and Advanced and Addressable TV. He’s lead national campaigns working with brands including Acxiom, Citi, Chase, Target, GM, American Express, FedEx, Honda, Toyota, TD Ameritrade, Panera, TruGreen, and over 50 colleges and universities. He has also hosted and produced TV and live Radio programs. He is host of A Shark’s Perspective a nationally recognized podcast with the Who’s Who of subject matter experts and thought leaders in marketing and advertising.

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