MarTech East Speaker:

Nancy Nardin

Founder & Co-Founder, Smart Selling Tools & Vendor Neutral


I've been in sales my entire career starting in the early 80's in Silicon Valley selling the world's first laptop, GRiD Systems. We had to figure out how to sell 12K laptops when companies were still deciding whether to put a PC on everyone's desk. You could say that laptops launched the SalesTech space giving rise to CRM and even PowerPoint.

In 2009, I decided to launch my own company to track the progress of SalesTech and to help sales organizations stay up to date - which is getting harder and harder. We're now up to 400+ solutions not including CRM.

It's an exciting time to be in Sales. With AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics all being applied to the world of Sales, we're seeing how technology can transform selling. Technology should be seen as a strategic advantage - not because of the tech per se - but because of how it can improve workflows, shorten time-to-close, and enhance the buying experience.

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