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Optimizing SEO Operations for Marketing Leaders

Monday, September 16, 2019 @ the Hynes Convention Center

SEO is unlike other marketing channels. It needs everyone who touches the website to do it. Yes, you have an SEO team (or person), but they don’t control any of the levers that need to be pulled. That means SEO must be a company-wide initiative handled operationally. This is where you come in.

Even if your SEO traffic is growing, you’re likely leaving revenue on the table. The reason is your operations. Few companies are truly leveraging the right people in the organization to do their 20% of SEO that makes 80% of the impact. If all the right roles were doing this, you would become an SEO Force to Reckon With -- something few companies have been able to pull off (and yours probably hasn’t either... ask the SEO team to confirm)

Bring your SEO team’s challenges with getting other roles to do their share of SEO, and in this  interactive marketing-leader level workshop you’ll learn:

  • An SEO framework and playbook for marketing operations leadership to move the mountains (or hills) holding back SEO. This isn’t a framework for the SEO team, it’s for operations leadership.

  • How SEO can be one of the *BIGGEST* data points to inform and elevate your company-wide marketing and product strategies outside of SEO. SEO teams could bring so much more to corporate strategies beyond just the keywords, technical changes and search engine traffic. We’ll learn how you can use SEO data to help drive bigger picture corporate strategy that typically happens at leadership levels higher than (and without) your SEO team.

  • How most marketing leaders are causing many of the SEO missed opportunities. Between rework and a lower SEO trendline that you have today, there are specific things that marketing operations leaders are doing that are putting the breaks for SEO growth when you should be putting the pedal to the metal.

  • How to assess your SEO readiness (it has nothing to with SEO traffic, revenue or the SEO team). That’s because “doing” SEO actually happens company-wide, so let’s evaluate your company and identify what you need to change to start moving the trendline even higher.

  • The #1 thing you as the marketing leader need to say and do for SEO to get properly integrated in all roles, company-wide (these are things the SEO team and their managers probably cannot pull off, but you can). Most marketing leaders aren’t doing this, so SEO teams struggle even when SEO traffic is growing — it just means it isn’t growing as much as it could be.

  • A clear map of what each team, company-wide needs to be doing for SEO in order to effectively implement their 20% of SEO that makes 80% of the impact.

  • The exact plan of action for you to take as leadership to how you mobilize dozens to hundreds across your organization around SEO. Most SEO teams have not been able to pull this off well do this because they’re too low on the totem pole and they need leadership to step in with the right plan, the right message, and the right mindset. This is the action that propels you into a bonafide SEO Force to Reckon With.

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Jessica Bowman

About Jessica Bowman

Jessica is the In House SEO Adviser for Search Engine Land and a member of the programming team for SMX events. She is the founder and owner of, a company on a mission to make in house SEO simpler. She is a leading advocate of in house SEO, and started in house SEO programs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Yahoo! Inc.