Inside the Search for a Martech Unicorn: How Healthgrades Attracted and Landed Top Martech Talent


Hiring is always a challenge, and hiring for martech as it evolves and changes is even more difficult. In many cases, your HR or recruiting team may not even know what "martech means or where to look for talent. Good talent gets scooped up fast, and the best talent isn't looking to make a change.

Attend this session for a 360-degree view, with perspectives from the hiring team, the recruiter and the winning candidate. Whether you're hiring a marketing technologist or you're a marketing technologist that wants to move up, you'll gain valuable insights.

This session answers these questions:
- Can a marketing technologist with a B2B background make the switch to a B2C company successfully?
- On a scale of marketer to technologist, what are we looking for and why?
- How should the marketing technologist plug into the organization, and what interlocks and handoffs will they have with other areas of marketing and IT?

We'll also reveal:
- how we scouted -- and sold to -- great martech talent.
- which interview questions and assessments we used to evaluate hard and soft martech skills.
- how aspiring martech leaders can distinguish themselves in a recruiting process.
- how to onboard a new marketing technologist into your organization.


Erica Seidel

CEO, The Connective Good, @erica_seidel

Jay Wilson

SVP, Marketing Platforms & Services, Healthgrades, @jwsfl

Correy Honza

Director of Marketing Technology, Healthgrades, @correyhonza


Erica Seidel
CEO, The Connective Good, @erica_seidel

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