Making the Leap from Chief Martech to Chief of Marketing


Not many companies have someone at the marketing helm who grew up as a martech or demand generation professional. But many of those running martech dream of the day when data, results, smart targeting and the agile closed loop between brand, analytics and refinement will drive big organizational strategic decisions.

To get there, we "martech-ies" must understand and speak in terms that matter most to non-technical executive stakeholders.

This session will cover key learnings and suggestions for bridging the gap between martech and the C-suite. You'll learn:

- what no one cares about and what everyone cares about.
- how to calibrate the pace of change with the pace of the business.
- how everyone deep down thinks they are a marketer and how to turn this to an advantage.


Cynthia Gumbert

Head of Marketing, Markforged, @cyngumbert


Erica Seidel
CEO, The Connective Good, @erica_seidel

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