A CMO, CIO, and CMTO Walk into a Bar: Who Orders, Who Drinks, and Who Pays?


Marketing technology ownership is becoming a larger and larger issue in the C-suite. Depending on the company, it could be either IT, marketing or a hybrid. There's no right or wrong answer. There isn't a perfect framework from the analyst community or from the CEO community, which means every company does it differently. Making it more confusing is that the stack owner is often not the subject matter expert (SME), creating conflict between the stack owner and end users.

In this session, Justin will lead a panel of experienced martech executives from a variety of different companies to explore the pros and cons of different management structures for marketing technology, providing insights into how they manage and run their own companies. You'll learn different options for the governance of martech that you can adapt for your own organization.


Justin Sharaf

Director, Marketing Operations, LogMeIn, @babblnbostonian

Dave Hsu

VP, Marketing Technology & Demand Analytics, CA Technologies

Lynne Capozzi

CMO, Acquia


Erica Seidel
CEO, The Connective Good, @erica_seidel

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