Insights from Inside the Marketing Stacks of Red Wing Shoe Co., iCrossing and Entuity


From high level stack trends to details on how leading practitioners are approaching stack development and evolution, this panel session led by Anita will start with insights gleaned from hundreds of B2B and B2C stacks and then focus in on the specifics of three different stacks.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear first hand how our panelists, Jeff from Red Wing Shoe Co., Laurie from Entuity, and Shiva from iCrossing, have:
- aligned their stacks with business objectives.
- addressed the organizational challenges associated with driving stack strategy.
- selected the right anchor platforms for their environment.
- managed (or failed) in integrating key components of their stack.
- dealt with key challenges -- and the things they'd never do again.
- planned for continued stack evolution.


Anita Brearton

Founder/CEO, CabinetM, @abrearton

Laurie Klausner

VP World Wide Marketing, Entuity, @laklausner

Jeff Harvey

Director of Marketing Technology, Red Wing Shoe Co.


Michelle Robbins
Former SVP Content & Marketing Technology, Third Door Media, @MichelleRobbins

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