Intelligent Agents - From Queries to Conversations to Actions, How AI is Changing the Face of Marketing


While we aren't to the point of flying cars (yet), it increasingly appears that the top SciFi movies of the 80s gave us a sneak peek of the future technology. We now have 3D printers that can replicate food and predictive machine-learning algorithms that can detect the early stages of pancreatic cancer based on health related searches.

We are seeing AI-infused technologies leading a shift in marketing and consumer behavior. Autonomous cars will mean that new surfaces can become screens for entertainment. Augmented reality and virtual reality will change our conception of what a retail environment looks like and they'll also allow brands can create an agent that is their virtual identity.

Search is moving from text queries to conversational dialogues with digital assistants that can intercede and engage on our behalf. The future of brand and consumer marketing is being moved to AI and machines.

Does your marketing strategy for the next 5 years prepare you for AI-led technologies? Let's talk about the shifts that are coming to marketing and how you can start to prepare your search strategy and guide your boss and your boss's boss to prepare for future.


Steve Sirich

General Manager, Global Search Ads Business, Microsoft, @stevesirich


Michelle Robbins
Former SVP Content & Marketing Technology, Third Door Media, @MichelleRobbins

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