Self-Driving Campaigns: What's Real vs. Hype vs. Next


Artificial intelligence is already everywhere and shows up in new places daily. It's just a matter of time before it finds your audience, writes your copy, designs your campaign, analyzes the results and books a DJ for the victory party, right?

Not so fast. This session take a hard look at who's involved in AI-driven campaigns, the challenges of executing those tasks, what's actually being done today and what might be done tomorrow. You'll come away understanding how to factor AI into your own technology plans and avoid dead-ends.

You'll learn:
- tasks current AI does well and tasks that are still best left to humans.
- the conditions you need for AI to thrive at your company.
- how to ensure different AI systems work together.
- what happens when your bot calls their bot, and who pays for lunch.


David Raab

Principal, Raab & Associates, @draab


Michelle Robbins
Former SVP Content & Marketing Technology, Third Door Media, @MichelleRobbins

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