Creating Superaudiences: Personalizing the Customer Experience


Engaging and personalizing customer interactions across channels was once a pipe dream. But Dr. Martins now gleans insights about customer behavior by applying machine learning to customer profiles and powering its marketing tools with what they're learned.

Kyle will talk about the success the company achieved in personalizing experiences for customers on their e-commerce site, in email marketing and in online advertising. He will delve into specific use cases such as:

- targeting win-back campaigns based on email activity.
- sending upsell offers for accessories based on recent purchases.
- using personalization to direct web visitors to product category pages they've shown interest in when new products are released.
- running remarketing campaigns on Facebook that offer shoe care accessories to recent boot purchasers.


Kyle Duford

Global VP of Digital & Ecommerce, Dr. Martens, @kyleduford


Scott Brinker
Conference Chair, MarTech & Editor,, @chiefmartec

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