From Prospect to Reference Customer: Maximize Lifetime Value with Martech


For many marketers, particularly those in SaaS businesses, there are two metrics that determine if you'll sink or swim - customer acquisition cost (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV). Most people think of martech driving funnel conversions through the sales cycle and minimizing the CAC. What people typically don't realize is that the LTV side of the equation does not start the day you close the contract, but rather at the very first interaction with a prospect. If used properly, martech can be beneficial from the first impression, all the way through to a long relationship of renewal contracts.

In this session, you'll learn how to use marketing technology tools at each stage of the prospect-to-customer relationship so you can deploy a marketing stack that maximizes customer satisfaction, renewal rates and ultimately, lifetime value, We'll discuss:

- how your choice of segmentation impacts your ability to raise LTV.
- ways to customize the "prospect experience" to create value during the sales process.
- tricks during the new customer onboarding process to get them hooked.
- intelligence-gathering techniques to expand your upsell rate.


Anuj Agrawal

CMO, Earth Networks, @anujagra


Anand Thaker
CEO & Founder, IntelliPhi, @anandthaker

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