How Staples Used Martech to Transform Marketing and the Enterprise


In late 2016, Staples created a task force to develop a plan to drive digital transformation. Frank's team was tasked with creating a plan and executing an innovative martech roadmap.

In this session, Frank and Mark will explain how Staples addressed challenges such as
- role reversal between marketing and IT.
- using martech to enhance and connect the customer journey.
- establishing an entirely new discipline under the martech banner.

They will share how and why a martech leader became part of the CMO Senior Leadership Team, how to explain what martech is and its value to the rest of the org, and how a CMO with more than 40 years of experience was able to embrace and pivot toward martech.

They'll wrap up with a sneak peek into what's next at Staples.


Mark Pickett

Sr. Director, Customer Analytics, Data Science and BI, Staples

Frank Bifulco

Former EVP & CMO, Staples, Inc.


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