Keynotes: "I Didn't Know Martech Could Do That!"; Perspectives on the Evolution & Future of Martech from the 3 CMOs Who Launched It; The Next Two Clicks of Moore's Law -- Augmented Reality and the Future of Marketing


To kick off day two of the conference, Travis will lead us through a fast-paced, action-packed session where he will showcase some of the lesser-known use-cases for martech within your organization. This 15-minute keynote will feature "hidden gems" of amazing martech that Travis has encountered on his journey.

Having demoed between 1200 and 1500 marketing technologies since his days as the global digital strategist at Symantec, his perspective, experience, energy, and entertaining personality will ensure that Day 2 starts off with a bang.

What could be better than starting our day with some cool technologies that most marketers probably don't even know exist?

The rise of the "marketing automation" category 10 years ago was arguably the Big Bang of the martech industry. For the first time ever, CMOs from the three companies that led that revolution -- Eloqua, HubSpot, and Marketo -- will be on stage together.

In this candid fireside chat, Brian, Mike and Jon will reflect on the evolution of martech, where they see it headed, how it factors into their current leadership roles and what lessons they'd offer to other marketing executives.

Over the next four years (just two clicks of Moore's Law), everything in our technology world will change.

We will look at our smartphone screens less as we use augmented reality and new wearable technology. Mobile phones themselves will transform, providing increasingly sophisticated virtual and augmented reality environments. Not only that, but our entire world will be interconnected thanks to beacons, the Internet of Things, new kinds of sensors and artificial intelligence that deliver immersive and always-on customer experiences.

Apple and Facebook have revealed their augmented reality strategies, which means your business needs one, too. Robert brings you the best from his travels visiting R&D labs, startups and innovators around the world. He'll inspire you with a new generation of amazing customer experiences that aren't science fiction; they're arriving right now.


Travis Wright

Chief Marketing Technologist, CCP Digital, @teedubya

Robert Scoble

Author, The Fourth Transformation, @Scobleizer

Jon Miller

CEO and Co-Founder, Engagio, @jonmiller2

Mike Volpe

CMO, Cybereason, @mvolpe


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