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A Marketer’s Guide To Attribution Analysis | A MarTech Workshop

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 @ the Hynes Convention Center


The single greatest pain point for many marketers and a promised land never reached by many marketing technology vendors. Despite thousands of martech companies, relatively few provide the kind of analytics necessary to do attribution analysis properly.

What if you could accomplish attribution analysis with tools you already have?

What if you could know the value of your marketing based on data you've already collected?

It's possible.

In this workshop, AI and analytics practitioner Christopher Penn, co-founder of, will walk you through the A-Z of attribution analysis. You'll learn why attribution analysis is important, why it's broken, what kinds of attribution models exist, and how to get started with 5 different kinds of models.

Plus, you'll get to try some hands-on model construction and see demos of what's state of the art in attribution modeling today.

Here's a look at exactly what you'll learn and how:

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Oct 6
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