Conventional marketing wisdom is history

February 4, 2019 by Scott Brinker

Gain fresh perspectives on the intersection of marketing, technology, and management.

When it comes to delivering exceptional experiences, maximizing ROI, and achieving company goals, conventional marketing wisdom is history. Success today depends on how you connect your strategy and organization to your marketing technology stack, all while checking assumptions, challenging organizational dogma, and letting go of outdated beliefs.

The MarTech® Conference was designed for marketing leaders like you. Join us April 3-5 in San Jose for a holistic program that blurs the boundaries between marketing, technology, and management and debunks the conventional wisdom that can hold you back…

Conventional wisdom: The hardest part of software-powered marketing is implementation.

MarTech’s take: Selecting the right technology and implementing it properly is essential, but just as important is ensuring you have the right team in place. You’ll learn from marketing pioneers who are reimagining their processes and upgrading their teams in sessions like…

  • Year One: Building a Marketing Ops Team From the Ground Up with Rachel Beck, Global Manager of Marketing Ops at Cisco Meraki
  • Maximize Efficiency and Scalability with the Right Team Structure, Data and Stack with Docker’s Chris Borkenhagen (CIO), Brian Donaldson (Manager of Development Engineering), and Kelly Horton (Senior Engineer of Marketing Technologies)
  • The Secrets to a High-Performing Martech Team with Patty Spiller, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Livongo

Conventional wisdom: Choosing applications for your martech stack will be simplified by industry consolidation.

MarTech’s take: Think again, partner. M&A activity is brisk, but the underlying trends in marketing and software inexorably favor expansion. You’re going to have more martech to choose from in the future.

During the opening keynote, Martech 2020: Succeeding in the Next Decade of Marketing, Jeffrey Eckman, CEO at Blue Green Brands and I will unveil and analyze the latest marketing technology landscape and the results of MarTech’s annual salary survey. You’ll be first to get the most comprehensive view of the state of the industry in 2019.

Conventional wisdom: Executing martech well requires an entirely new set of skills.

MarTech’s take: Not true. Fundamentals matter… perhaps now more than ever. If you’re reading this email, you’re an accomplished marketer. MarTech can equip you with the strategies, insights, and playbooks you need to perfect your skills.

Check out the agenda for a complete look at what’s in store.

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