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October 10, 2017 by Lauren Donovan

Looking for presentations, show recaps, and more? Grab our conference digital goodie bag now!

Last week’s MarTech® Conference in Boston was a hit. Now that the show has wrapped, it’s time you get your MarTech Conference digital goodie bag. What’s in your goodie bag, you ask? Full presentations from the conference, our favorite MarTech takeaways, and a roundup of blog coverage from around the web. Stay tuned, as we’ll also be adding full keynote videos when they’re ready. Not a bad deal, huh? Here we go!

First up, the presentations!

Access presentations from Tuesday, October 3 here.

Access presentations from Wednesday, October 4 here.

Bookmark those babies and return to them whenever you’re craving some some fresh martech knowledge.


Here’s a roundup of some excellent coverage from sessions and keynotes:

We’ll update this list as it continues to grow!

Lastly, some of our favorite takeaways.

GDPR Compliance

“I thought the urgency on GDPR compliance from international attendees was fascinating. As certain marketing technologies inch closer to broad acceptance, it’s interesting to see the progress every year through this conference.” – Kyle Pouliot, Community Manager at MarTech Conference & SMX

Open, Sharing Environment

“I heard a lot of chatter about the sharing-heavy and open environment. With as many high-up martech execs and industry folks as we have, I guess at other events people are very private and not willing to share any strategy / ideas / tools etc., but they found our show to be the exact opposite and they loved that. Beyond just the vendors, people really wanted to pick each others brains and network more than other similar shows they’ve been too.” – Katie Jordan,  Audience Engagement Assistant at Third Door Media

The MarTech Manifesto

“Scott Brinker, MarTech program chair, and editor of, delivered a rallying cry Tuesday morning, and in my opinion, it really set the tone for the whole show. It’s called The MarTech Manifesto. Martech is so much more than a blend of marketing and technology. It is a community of serious and passionate professionals – a nascent community, perhaps – which is why Scott’s Manifesto is so important. It defined and united. We are at forefront of an amazing iteration of the marketing industry, and that’s just… awesome. Attendees even got printed keepsakes with the Manifesto’s entire text, which you can read here. It was a really nice touch.” – Lauren Donovan, Community Manager at MarTech Today, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land

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