London, UK: 20-21 October, 2015

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MarTech Europe 2015 Agenda

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Monday, 19 October

18:00-19:00 Registration & Conference Opening Reception

Tuesday, 20 October

7:30-9:00 Registration & Breakfast

Modern marketing actually has a lot in common with software development:

  • The speed of rapidly changing markets demands "agile" and "lean" management practices.
  • Delivering a cohesive buyer's journey across multiple channels — web, email, social, mobile — is a challenge of user experience (UX) design.
  • The shift from producing a few big campaigns to operating a constant stream of marketing touchpoints is analogous to "continuous deployment" models pioneered by cloud-based services.
  • Quickly experimenting with new marketing ideas on a small scale is like prototyping and beta testing.

This session will explore the parallels between software development and marketing to give marketers a powerful set of management approaches for succeeding in the digital world.

Scott Brinker
Conference Chair Editor & Publisher, MarTech

MarTech is programmed by conference chair Scott Brinker, who has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its changing marketing strategy, management, and culture on his blog,, since 2008.

Scott is the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a software company that provides marketers with a platform for creating and testing marketing apps - wizards, interactive white papers, assessment tools, configurators, calculators, microsites, and more.

10:00-10:30 Refreshment Break

Traditional marketing is broken. The segmentation approach to marketing is not meeting the needs of today's savvy customers, who demand more personalised and relevant customer engagements.

In this session, learn how SAP's marketing organisation leverages technology to successfully connect and engage with customers. Andreas will describe the benefits of:

  • having a single marketing platform to gain real-time customer insights;
  • delivering contextually relevant marketing messages;
  • and how understanding the performance of all activities enables marketers to achieve optimal customer advocacy and growth.

Andreas Starke
VP - Chief Marketing Technologist, Global Marketing, SAP

As the Chief Marketing Technologist at SAP, Andreas leads the vision and strategic technology investments required to transform and empower the SAP Marketing organisation worldwide. He champions SAP's journey to Run Simple and drives the transformation of SAP to become the Cloud Company powered by SAP HANA. As a Vice President, Andreas brings 20+ years of experience in leading in various functional areas, including Sales, Consulting, IT and Marketing. In his former roles, he successfully collaborated with product development and internal IT organisations to co-innovate industry-leading solutions, and led the deployment and implementation of various large scale, multi-national software projects.

Marketing and IT traditionally have not been best the of friends. And the gulf separating business and IT expectations is expanding.

Martin will share his story of how marketing and IT began working together in Carlsberg Group to create a global digital foundation that can cater for scalable digital innovations.

Martin Majlund
Group Marketing Technologist, Carlsberg Group

Martin has been leading the development and implementation of marketing platforms, tools and technologies (Social Media, Web, Mobile & Trade) to support brand initiatives across international and local power brands @ Carlsberg Group for the past three years. Prior to Carlsberg, Martin has worked for several years at various creative and digital agencies.

Over a decade ago, Marks & Spencer outsourced its eCommerce to Amazon's retail platform. A sensible decision at the time, but not in this era of modern marketing.

After investing three years and £150 million, M&S launched an entirely new in-house commerce platform in 2014; a beautiful, integrated, branded content and commerce engine conceived and engineered for M&S's technology-empowered consumer. It provides an omni-channel experience across web, tablet, mobile, customer service, in-store kiosks and digital signage.

In this session, Ian and Pinak will discuss the makings of one of the largest digital marketing and commerce transformations in the world, including:

  • switching from commerce to content-inspired commerce;
  • achieving martech agility and continuous innovation with DevOps;
  • brand and agency collaboration in a high stakes environment with little margin for error.

Ian Mahoney
Head of Delivery Services, Marks & Spencer

Ian Mahoney is Head of Delivery Services at Marks and Spencer, responsible for agile change initiatives across business and technology teams as M&S continues to evolve the speed and effectiveness at delivering continuous customer value through platform innovation. He also led the customer services and order management work-streams since 2012. A digital native, Ian has formerly led change programs at BSkyB, Selectica and Royal Mail.

Pinak Vedalankar
Director of Technology, SapientNitro

Pinak Vedalankar is Director of Technology at SapientNitro UK, part of Publicis.Sapient. A DevOps enthusiast and 13 year Sapient veteran, he is also a graduate of SapientNitro's own Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO) University. Pinak stewarded the solution architecture and design of the core commerce platform for M&S, as part of SapientNitro's team partnering with M&S.

Internet of Things (IoT) 'smart products' technology have a voice and can talk directly to consumers, whilst data talks back to the brand with real-time analytics about who their customers are, where they are, what they engage with and how interaction drives sales.

In this talk Andy will explain how a new generation of businesses, with IoT technology at their core, are digitizing physical assets and turning products into dynamic, web-connected, intelligent objects that play an active, functional role in how they are made, sold and used.

Learn how marketers have can manage real-time smart product data to get closer to customers, make their supply chains smarter and create systems that will transform both customer experiences and underlying business models.

Andy Hobsbawm

Andy established the first international Internet agency in 1994 which merged with pioneering digital services firm in 1997 where he was European MD then Chairman until 2009.

Andy co-founded the award-winning online community Do The Green Thing in 2007. He has been listed among the 100 top digital influencers by Wired UK and was recently named among the 20 inaugural inductees of the British Interactive Multimedia Association's Digital Hall of Fame, alongside Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Jonathan Ive and Dr Mike Lynch.

He has been a weekly columnist about the new economy for the Financial Times, a member of GartnerG2′s first advisory board on online advertising and spoken at numerous conferences including TED. He has yet to receive any royalties from obscure pop songs released by a minor independent record label in Europe.

12:10-13:30 Lunch & Sponsor Presentations

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Beware: The Rise of the Marketing Robots

It's Monday morning, the year is 2020…you check your iRobot for the latest marketing results, tell your marketing system (Stackey as you call it) to send you the latest campaign changes as it starts to read to you the latest Chief MarTec blog post. The distant hum from the computers fade into the background and you wonder, "does marketing get any better than this?"

Although this scenario might be a stretch, some of the greatest minds today such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have made stark warnings about a world where robots rule. From self-driving cars, drone delivery and wearables that learn your personal habits, there is little doubt, that the future of artificial intelligence will impact every aspect of our lives; including marketing.

In this fascinating session, Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp and Christian Gericke will explore some of the amazing new technologies shaping the future of marketing and provide some practical guidance helping organizations compete in the new content economy.


Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder & CEO, Acrolinx

Christian Gericke, SVP EMEA / APAC & Global Client Services, Acrolinx

Digital transformation and customer-centricity are two business imperatives facing virtually every organisation.

The destiny for "digital": it becomes so integrated in the organisation that it ceases to exist as a separate function. Most organisations are currently somewhere between the centre of excellence and hub-and-spoke stages of digital maturity.

And what about customer-centricity? If you had a blank slate, what would a fully-digital, customer-centric organisation look like? And where would marketing be in this structure?

In this forward-looking session, Ashley will examine several innovative organisational designs that answer these questions — and share examples of pioneering companies who are already implementing them.

Ashley Friedlein
CEO, Econsultancy

Ashley is one of the most influential and connected figures in the global marketing, digital and ecommerce sectors. Econsultancy Founder Ashley Friedlein is currently President of Centaur Marketing at Centaur Media PLC.

Ashley heads Centaur Marketing, a portfolio of creative, digital and marketing brands including Marketing Week, Econsultancy, Celebrity Intelligence, Creative Review, Design Week, Fashion and Beauty Monitor, and Year Ahead.

After a double-first in modern languages from the University of Cambridge, Ashley joined the Financial Times. He went on to roles at Bloomberg and DigitasLBi, now part of Publicis, where he delivered major digital projects for leading retailers, financial services companies and media businesses.

Ashley founded Econsultancy with Matthew O'Riordan in 1999. Econsultancy helps its customers achieve excellence in digital business, marketing and ecommerce through research, training and events. Over 600,000 professionals use Econsultancy every month with offices in New York, London and Singapore.

Home also to The Festival of Marketing, Centaur Marketing is a powerhouse of the UK and world marketing and digital communities. The combined group reaches over three million marketers, creatives and digital professionals globally every month.

Ashley speaks French and German, and is the author of two best-selling books on digital, translated for markets worldwide. A columnist, media commentator and blogger, he speaks worldwide on digital and marketing trends and best practice. In 2013 Ashley authored the Modern Marketing Manifesto which redefines marketing for the digital age.

Ashley is on the Advisory Board for the UK Government's GDS (Government Digital Service). He is an investor and board adviser for digital recruitment specialist Cranberry Panda and does pro-bono work for charities including Add-vance and the John Muir Trust.

13:55-14:20 Attribution: Weaving the Red Thread of Marketing [ Details ]

Data-driven marketing is not a new concept anymore. But this approach comes with its own challenges — consistency, reliability, and relevance. And the ecosystem needs to all be connected for it to be truly useful.

In this session, Gary explores the concept of attribution and more specifically:

  • The relevance of attribution in understanding the customer journey

  • How attribution is applicable to a variety of business models

  • Why the marketing technologist is the key to unlocking end-to-end attribution

Gary Verster
Marketing Technologist & Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Trend Micro EMEA Ltd

Positioned across the value and volume channels, Gary is responsible for all the operational aspects of marketing functions across the European market for Trend Micro. This includes technology internalisation, data governance & visualisation, ecommerce operations, digital product management and marketing automation. Gary also has global role as a data integrity thought leader for the consumer business and is also the European representative on the global Marketo project team for Trend Micro.

Originally from South Africa, where he received a Bachelors degree in marketing, business and psychology, Gary is also CIM certified and has 10 years of marketing experience within the UK. A fervent football fan and family man, Gary is a self-confessed geek, who is passionate about building a culture of technology within marketing teams and a scientific approach to marketing, where objectivity drives proactive, agile action.

In his talk, Cristian will provide insights on how digital marketing is being approached within the world's largest logistics group… from the digital KPIs, the practises for working with and managing digital partners, the hunt for new digital revenue streams and more.

Cristian Citu
Director, Global Digital Marketing, DHL

Cristian Citu is based at DHL's global headquarters from where he's managing digital marketing programmes as a mix of strategic brand initiatives and lead generation campaigns. Before focusing on digital, Cristian had various global marketing roles for DHL in areas such as brand management, sponsorship or HR-Marketing and he also spent time in Singapore for the Asia Pacific regional office. He joined the yellow logistics giant after a few years in consulting, where he worked with a wide range of customers from industries like IT, telecom, automotive, pharma and retail.

14:45-15:15 Refreshment Break

Customer experience management (CxM) platforms are technology enablers within wider digital transformation programmes. They enable brands to deliver those right-time experiences at key decision points in the customer journey to drive engagement. However, your own CxM platform must be assembled to satisfy your brand-specific needs. That involves buying new, building for, bridging between and burning existing marketing technologies. How do you approach that challenge? What does "good" look like? How do you incentivise adoption? What works well? What should be avoided?

In this session, Cleve will share lessons learned from delivering CxM platforms for major brands. He'll provide practical and pragmatic advice using concrete examples spanning the financial, media, news and entertainment, healthcare and insurance sectors.

Cleve Gibbon
Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Cognifide

Cleve Gibbon is CMTO at Cognifide, a WPP digital consultancy based in London. Cleve finds innovative ways your business can get the most from content and technology. His focus lies squarely on creating customer-centric, brand-specific digital platforms that enable the best storytellers, to engage effectively with global audiences.

Cleve is a regular speaker at international conferences on content architecture, digital marketing, and lean/agile development. For this, Cleve works with content strategists, UX, IAs, and countless other marketing technologists, to help bring about change.

Cleve has a Doctorate in Computer Science, a Diploma in Digital Marketing, and combines the two daily to facilitate the conversation around digital business.

Early stage startups don't have a lot of time or money. But they manage to put together some of the most sophisticated and effective martech growth engines in the world - often on very short timescales.

In this presentation, Matt reveals how business accelerator 500 Startups built an in-house Distro Hacking team that has worked (in the code) with hundreds of companies, helping them build and scale their marketing platforms. He'll tell you which tools they use and how to complete projects that get results, quickly, and on a budget.

Matt Lerner
Distro Partner, London, 500 Startups

Matt Lerner recently joined 500 Startups as a Distro Partner to open their London office. He is a member of the in-house growth (AKA "Distro") team, a set of growth experts who partner with 500 portfolio companies to help them build growth engines and scale. Previously, as a 500 Startups Mentor, Matt helped over 40 companies develop and execute growth strategies. Prior to joining 500 Startups, he worked as a Marketing Director at PayPal, where he built and managed three growth teams that generated an extra $200 million in revenue across the funnel.

500 Startups is a seed fund and accelerator founded in 2010. Based in Silicon Valley, you can find the #500Strong family of mentors, investors, and founders all over the globe. In the last 4 years, they've invested in over 1,000 companies in more than 40 countries. 500 Startups has offices in Mountain View, San Francisco, New York City, and Mexico City.

Content Marketing is the fuel that powers digital marketing today from organic search and social media marketing, to email marketing and conversion rate optimisation. Yet, although Content Marketing is business critical / transformative for most types of organisation, managing it is in its infancy with many emerging technologies vying for marketers' attention. In this session, Dave Chaffey will explore how to combine People, Process and Tools to improve Content Marketing using practical examples and technologies. He will show how technologies such as Content Planning, Management, Personalization, Workflow management can be used to integrate content creation, publication and distribution. Dave will also show how to select the right types of measures and tools to evaluate Return-on-Investment for Content Marketing

Dr Dave Chaffey
CEO and co-founder, Smart Insights

Dr Dave Chaffey is CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights, an online publisher who provide actionable templates and guides to help marketing Plan, Manage and Optimize their Digital Marketing. He is author of 5 bestselling books on Ecommerce including Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice which was first published in 2000 and Digital Business and Ecommerce Management. Dave is recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing Œgurus' worldwide who have shaped the future of Marketing.

He has consulted and trained on digital marketing strategy for companies of a range of sizes from larger organisations like 3M, Barclaycard, HSBC, M&G, Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft to smaller organisations. Dave's passion is educating marketers about latest and best practices in digital marketing, so empowering businesses to improve their online performance through getting the most value from their Digital Analytics and market insight.

To connect with Dave visit :

16:30-17:00 Refreshment Break

In this fireside chat, we'll discuss a range of topics arising from collision of adtech and martech, including:

  • how is the vendor landscape changing?
  • how does it affect relationships between agencies and brands?
  • what are the new capabilities marketers are getting from closer integration of these technologies?
  • what challenges — technical, operational, cultural, regulatory — must be overcome?

Rebecca Muir - Moderator
Head of Research & Analysis, ExchangeWire

Rebecca Muir, is head of research and analysis, at ExchangeWire. She has held roles at Google, Mindshare, Marin Software, and Quantcast - giving her extensive experience around data, advertising technology and marketing strategy. ExchangeWire Research was launched in late 2014 by Rebecca, along with the ExchangeWire leadership team. Since then they have been busy developing ExchangeWire Research into a fully-fledged, international analyst function, covering issues critical to marketers today from a neutral and informed perspective.

Zuzanna Gierlinska
Director Data Management Platforms, Oracle

Zuzanna Gierlinska is Director Data Management Platforms at Oracle Marketing Cloud focused on bringing enterprise data activation solutions to the EMEA market.

Managing a division of DMP Sales Reps, Data Evangelists & Solution Engineers Zuzanna oversees the end to end data activation process for clients from consultation and platform architecture, through deployment to on-going utilisation. Her teams work across Brands, Publisher and Agencies providing education, thought leadership and training to help drive the advancement and adoption of DMP technology.

Zuzanna has 16 years digital advertising experience across a spread of global portals, media networks and a programmatic exchanges. Considered a subject matter expert on data driven marketing Zuzanna was Co-chairing and Founding Member of the IAB's Behavioural Targeting Council and is a recognised industry voice.

Caspar Schlickum

Caspar Schlickum is CEO of Xaxis EMEA, responsible for managing the operations and leading the development of the Xaxis business across the 20 countries that make up the region.

Caspar has extensive experience in digital media and audience insight driven marketing, having spent four years at Mindshare as a global client lead, and one year within Kantar, the holding company for WPP’s research and insight businesses.

Prior to joining WPP, Caspar was Commercial Development Director at Fairfax Digital, one of Australia’s largest publishing houses. Before commencing his career in marketing, Caspar spent six years in investment banking advising on technology, communications and infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Andy Mihalop
Group Head UK, Atlas

As Group Head at Atlas, Andy is responsible for supporting UK agencies and brands leverage the benefits of cross-device, people-based marketing to achieve their marketing goals using the Atlas platform.

Prior to joining Facebook, Andy was Head of Network Agencies for media platforms at Google and Head of Digital for MoneySupermarket, where he delivered a highly successful digital transformation programme, spanning digital strategy, programmatic media buying and data monetisation for one of the largest UK price comparison websites.

He has extensive media agency and advertising technology experience including previous roles as Head of Biddable and Programmatic Media at MediaCom and Head of Search and Performance Media for UK & Global clients at iProspect, leading digital performance strategy for some of the world’s largest brands.

Rakesh Patel
Commercial Director of Digital, Auto Trader

Rakesh is the Commercial Director of Digital at Auto Trader

As the UK's largest digital marketplace for buying and selling vehicles, Auto Trader generates millions of consumer touchpoints on a daily basis. These provide a unique view on car buying and selling consumer behaviour. Working closely with its own product and tech teams and utilising a robust ad tech partner ecosystem, Rakesh's team look to offer data driven marketing solutions to its customer base of advertisers and media agencies.

Rakesh has been in the digital arena for over twelve years and joined Auto Trader in August 2013. Previously he spent seven years at Microsoft Advertising and started his digital journey at the Financial Times in 2003. He spent his formative years at EMAP (Bauer), holding a number of roles across magazines, exhibitions and classified.

17:45-19:00 Networking Reception

Meet your fellow conference attendees and enjoy great conversation, beverages and munchies!

Wednesday, 21 October

7:30-9:00 Registration & Breakfast

9:00-9:05 Day 2 Welcome

Today's business environment is characterised by an ever accelerating rate of change, and the emergence of small, nimble technologically adept businesses that aspire to disrupt entire industries.

This new breed of company has grown up with technology at their core, never knowing a world that wasn't mediated by digital technologies. What can we learn from their unique approaches to organisational design, innovation, talent, culture and strategy?

In this presentation, Neil will explore the steps your company must take to become genuinely digitally native.

Neil Perkin
Director, Only Dead Fish

Neil is a renowned blogger, writer and the founder of Only Dead Fish, a digital and media consultancy that specialises in applying strategic understanding of digital and emerging media technologies to help businesses optimise their effectiveness within the new, networked communications environment.

Neil is a regular keynote speaker across Europe on organisational agility, content strategy, emerging media, and digital strategy, a contributor to Econsultancy, Marketing Week, and Mediatel amongst others, and has been named by BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) as one of the most influential people in the UK digital industry for two years in a row.

Neil curates the global quarterly series of Firestarters thought leadership events on behalf of Google, is a keynote speaker on the Google Squared programme and has worked with market-leading global businesses including The Financial Times, BBC, Warner Bros, the RSA Group, YouTube, Marks And Spencer and Oxfam. He is an associate of The Futures Agency, a collaboration of some of the world's leading media thinkers and futurists, and is also the co-founder of the Fraggl Twitter curation app.

He has over 20 years media owner experience and was latterly the Director of Marketing, Strategy and Digital for IPC Media, the largest consumer publisher in the UK and publisher of multimedia brands including Wallpaper, Marie Claire and the NME. In this capacity he ran award-winning strategy, planning and consumer insight functions and was at the centre of defining and implementing the digital strategy for one of the largest media owners in the UK.

How do you build a global marketing organisation? How do scale your operations across the world? How can you be relevant and inspiring to every individual customer when you have hundreds of millions of them? How do you wire your marketing channels and technologies together so that what a customer sees on Facebook on their mobile makes sense alongside what they see on email on their desktop?

These are not easy questions, but eBay is taking on these challenges. The answer lies in structure, process, technology, culture and leadership. James will share what eBay has learned on this journey so far.

James Moore
Senior Director of Marketing, eBay

James Moore is a Senior Director of Marketing at eBay and is responsible for running the transformation programme for the 500 strong Global Marketing Group. His challenge is to transform the organisation from local to truly global and from channel specific to omnichannel to enable relevant marketing at scale for eBay's worldwide customer base. Prior to joining eBay James ran the Origin Games download business for Electronic Arts in Europe and Asia and the Customer marketing group for Betfair in the UK.

Today's modern marketers are part of an exciting industry transformation. Technology has advanced the way marketers connect and engage with potential buyers. To cope, companies are introducing automation and tracking platforms. But deriving success from those platforms requires proper processes and staff training.

Gijs will share how Juniper Networks started its journey to modern marketing, and how they resolved organisational and staff challenges along the way.

Gijs van Kersen
Senior Manager Marketing Operations EMEA, Juniper Networks

Gijs van Kersen is Senior Manager Marketing Operations EMEA with Juniper Networks.

In this position he interfaces with corporate marketing, regional marketing and sales, as well as with various agencies. Gijs is responsible for developing and maintaining the platforms, processes and skills needed to generate, track and measure Demand Generation: from outbound and inbound, through responses and leads, to opportunities, pipeline and ultimately won business.

Gijs holds an MSc (EE) from Delft University of Technology, and a business degree from University of Antwerp. He has worked in various Marketing and Product Management positions, and lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand and California.

Quintiq grew its marketing operations department from a single part-timer to 4 full-timers in just 2.5 years.

In this session, Diederik shares the learnings and pitfalls of creating a successful marketing operations department, including:

  • what it takes to enable colleagues around the world to excel in their commercial efforts;
  • which technologies, tools, processes, insights, and best practises worked and which didn't.

Diederik Martens
Global Marketing Automation Manager, Quintiq/3DS

Diederik Martens is a results-driven digital marketer with a passion for B2B and the complex sale. Diederik is a frequently asked speaker and lecturer on marketing automation, nurturing, buying journeys, CRM, Predictive Lead Scoring, and marketing technology. Diederik is Marketo Certified and experienced in Salesforce. Marketo honored Diederik as one of the world's top 50 by naming him to the 2014 and 2015 Marketo Champion Elite class. In 2015, Diederik was awarded a Killer Content Award for his nurture campaign strategy.

10:45-11:15 Refreshment Break

As the Hager Group celebrates its 60 years of history with residential and commercial buildings, the way consumers behave and interact with their home has dramatically changed in the last decade.

Using the smart home industry as an example, Thomas Burklé will share what a connected home experience looks like when you bring together marketing and IT for an exceptional customer experience with the Hager brand. This approach will also give you ideas for how to prepare your company for possibly its "Uber-isation" -- maybe the next Uber is closer to your business than you think…

Thomas Burklé
Chief Marketing Technologist, Hager Group

Thomas Burklé has played many roles in the business during his 15 years of active contribution to marketing : digital communication & advertising, e-commerce, sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness, and now marketing technology. Working closely with professionals from the B2B electrical industry, he is an advocate of intelligent buildings – the smart and connected homes - to innovation prizes on the topic. His focus is to enable new business opportunities with customer knowledge, mobility and big data. Thomas works closely with creative teams, strategists and marketers to create technological-ready ideas that serves the company architecture and transformation roadmap, for more and better sales.

Deriving the full value of martech won't happen if the human aspects of analysis are ignored. Big data and machine learning are of little value if people are excluded from the equation.

In this session, Colin will present a new agenda for human analytics that leverages the benefits of human judgement whilst mitigating the imperfection of human reasoning.

Colin Strong
Managing Director, Verve
Author, Humanizing Big Data

Colin is a UK based consumer researcher working with brands to shape their global strategies via the integration of data analytics and more traditional market research techniques. He is the writer of Humanizing Big Data, speaker and regular contributor to a range of publications and blogs including Huffington Post and Wired.

During December 2014, Christmas magic was being made in central London. Children could take their toys into the flagship store of retailer John Lewis and bring them to life as interactive animations – mirroring their emotive "Monty The Penguin" ad campaign.

The brief was to get adults to see things through a child's eyes – creating "magic" using new augmented reality technology, which was only created by close collaboration with multiple partners. Hear how marketing technology agency Techdept worked with Microsoft Advertising UK to create a completely new experience, built on completely new software.

Daniel Kirby
CEO, Techdept

Dan Kirby started making websites in 1997, and set up his first company in 2001. In 2014 he co-founded the Marketing Technology Association with twenty other industry leaders in the UK. He is also co-founder and CEO of Techdept which helps brands like Microsoft, NBC Universal, and the BBC's flagship charity Children In Need by creating new technology and customer experiences. Dan blogs regularly on how technology is changing the world, and is often quoted in the national press. He has been an active member of BAFTA for 11 years and speaks at international conferences, including Cannes Lions.

Rick Grundy
CTO, Techdept

Rick is an entrepreneurial technologist, who spends his time pursuing opportunities with cutting edge hardware and software. In his current role at Techdept, which he co-founded 11 years ago, he is constantly looking for new technology and finding ways in which it can be used for the benefit of his clients.

Arthur Tindsley
Creative Technologist, AOL

Arthur Tindsley is a Creative Technologist working in the UK advertising division at AOL. Arthur strives to knit AOL technology into custom media solutions, using technology as a canvas for great creative work. Recent projects include an experiential Kinect powered synthetic human project for Channel 4 and a smile powered display advert for Coca Cola.

12:30-13:45 Lunch & Sponsor Presentations

The hundreds of available choices in the marketing technology landscape are indisputably overwhelming: how should you go about selecting the right mix of tools to fulfill your marketing vision?

This session will focus on analytic approaches to different segments of the marketing technology landscape, helping you to determine how to approach technology selection based on your industry, use case scenarios, budget, and strategy. Your vision probably won't be fulfilled by a single vendor, and most certainly not a single technology solution. This session is akin to technology bartending school: helping you find the right mix of solutions to move forward with your plan.

With so many software vendors purporting to sell marketing "suites" whilst others focus more specifically on e-mail marketing, digital asset management, mobile marketing, CRM, or social media intelligence - we'll look at what the real strengths and weakness of some of the "big players" vs. niche vendors have to offer.

You'll leave this session with a better sense of which tools are truly strong in which segments of the marketing technology landscape, and a framework for moving forward with selection.

Theresa Regli
Principal Analyst & Managing Partner, Real Story Group

Since joining The Real Story Group in 2006, Theresa has covered a multitude of content technology markets, with a particular focus on digital & media asset management since 2008. She advises a multi-industry, worldwide customer base that has included Unilever, Christie's, Johnson & Johnson, Sesame Workshop, Novartis, Ubisoft, The British Museum, IKEA, Capital One, The Ad Council, Havas Worldwide, The Council on Foreign Relations, Net-a-Porter, The UK National Trust, Shell, and the US Library of Congress.

The social media technology industry has changed significantly over the last year and further significant developments will take place this year and in the years to come. In this session, Ian will explain how the landscape is changing and how this will affect your business.

He'll also discuss the tools that are leading the way and how they can be leveraged by your organisation for improved results from social media. You will take away from this session a deeper understanding of the social media technology landscape and a range of tools that will help you deliver improved results.

Ian Cleary
CEO, RazorSocial

Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial, an award-winning marketing-technology blog specialising in social media tools. Prior to RazorSocial, Ian had over 15 years' experience in the technology industry, delivering leading-edge technology products in a broad range of industries.

Ian speaks at the top social media conferences globally and his work has been published on, VentureBeat, Huffington Post and many other leading online publications.

RazorSocial delivers online training in social media with a strong focus on how organisations can leverage technology to become more effective.

The most important platform for an airline is its actual aircraft. The second most important platform choice is its reservations and eCommerce system. In late 2014, bmi – British Midland made a decision to completely replace its reservations system and eCommerce system. Changing the platform that controls all your inventory, pricing, revenue and your access point to your customers is a big challenge. Doing it in 4 months from a standing start to cutover is even bigger challenge. That's why it is akin to changing a jet engine mid-flight.

Colin will tell the story of the choices, the compromises, the debates and the discussion, the partners and the platforms and the cutover and the craziness to get a business-changing technology platform live.

Colin Lewis
Marketing Director, bmi

Colin Lewis an award–winning marketer with over 20 years experience in telecoms, travel and technology brands in Europe, Asia and Australia.

He is the Marketing Director of bmi — British Midland, responsible for brand, PR, Product, eCommerce, digital transformation and communications for this premium airline across Europe.

Colin was just selected as one of the top 100 Marketers in the UK (Marketing Week's 2015 Vision 100 — the 'brightest, best, most visionary Marketers in the UK) on the back of winning 'Marketing Leader of the Year in Ireland in 2008.

Colin is the Founder and Programmer of the largest ever Digital Marketing Conference in Ireland, DMX Dublin.

Colin speaks extensively on the implications of digital on marketing, as well as being a lecturer and speaker on digital topics in the UK, Holland and Spain.

Colin has an MBA from Ireland's leading graduate school of business, Smurfit Graduate School of Business as well as an MSc and undergraduate BComm.

15:00-15:30 Refreshment Break

In this candid conversation with marketing and strategy leaders from the industry's major marketing cloud providers, the panel will examine:

  • the trends that they're seeing in the field;
  • differences and similarities in how they view the evolution of their products;
  • the ecosystems of other technologies being shaped around their platforms;
  • and patterns of adoption and transformation they're seeing among their customers.

Scott Brinker - Moderator

John Watton
EMEA Marketing Director, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe

John leads marketing for Adobe's digital marketing business in Europe, responsible for the marketing strategy and execution of Adobe's fastest growing business segment, in its largest international territory. With over 25 years in enterprise technology, SaaS and eCommerce marketing he is a regular speaker and blogger and made LinkedIn’s Top 10 UK Most Engaged Marketers in 2014. You can connect with him on twitter @jwatton.

Sylvia Jensen
Director of EMEA Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle

Sylvia Jensen is currently the Director of Marketing for the Oracle Marketing Cloud in Europe. Sylvia has held various marketing roles for technology companies such as Eloqua, WebEx, Palm, and Coremetrics. In many of these roles she’s had the privilege to kick-start marketing in Europe. Given these start up roles, she’s learned to appreciate all the different channels within marketing but always likes to see them working (hard) together. Sylvia also thoroughly enjoys the art and science of promoting technology that helps marketers do their jobs better every day. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she has spent the last 14 years in Europe living and working in cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and currently lives in the United Kingdom. Follow Sylvia on Twitter @smajensen.

Jeremy Waite
Head of Digital Strategy, Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMEA, Salesforce

Jeremy Waite is a strategist and evangelist for, based in London. Jeremy has worked with Twitter, Facebook, Google and Adobe before he landed at Salesforce, where he now spends most of his time talking to executives about digital transformation, how to build a customer company and philanthropy. He has also just released a book about brand leadership called "From Survival to Significance".

He loves whiskey, cycling and collecting rare business books. You can chat to him on twitter @JeremyWaite where you can ask him if he really did once work as a giraffe keeper.

Elizabeth Smyth
AVP Marketing, Marketo

Having joined Marketo in 2011, Liz is a key member of the team that founded and launched Marketo in Europe. She is now responsible for driving all aspects of the company's demand generation, corporate communications, brand awareness, and go-to-market strategy across the EMEA region. Liz has over 20 years international B2B marketing experience gained in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Prior to joining Marketo, she held a variety of marketing positions at, Oracle and PeopleSoft, always focussed on driving customer engagement and exceeding pipeline targets. She is a frequent blogger and regular contributor to Marketo's popular blog

Agencies. Marketing service providers. Systems integrators. Management consultants. Marketing technology vendors with professional services offerings. They all want to be the best friend of the CMO these days.

But who does what? Whilst each of these players has a different set of strengths, they increasingly overlap in the services they provide — and compete for influence with the same set of senior decision-makers.

This closing fireside chat will give leading representatives from each of these camps a chance to share their perspectives — and give the audience a chance to compare and contrast different views of how they fit together.

Scott Brinker - Moderator

Jason Heller
Global Lead of Digital Marketing Operations, McKinsey & Company

Jason Heller is global lead of Digital Marketing Operations at McKinsey & Company, where he works closely with CMO's and other executives in transforming the marketing organisation in response to consumer and landscape changes. His primary focus is helping organisations leverage technology, data, and analytics, to drive growth. Jason helps clients implement a structured approach to assessing, developing and refining marketing organisations, capabilities, processes, strategies, marketing technology, and agency portfolios. His experience spans industries; he has led long-term digital capability-building and implementation programs for leaders in retail, financial services, CPG, telecom, media and publishing, and other industries.

Jason has been a digital marketing pioneer, strategist, and recognised thought leader for nearly 20 years. He was previously CEO and founder of Agiliti, a boutique consultancy focused on digital marketing operations, which was absorbed into McKinsey in 2014. Jason also co-founded and sold one of the first digital media and relationship marketing agencies.

Jacques Van Niekerk
CEO, Acceleration

As CEO, Jacques Van Niekirk ensures that the company is consistently dynamic and results orientated.

He began his career in the Media Entertainment industry at Ster-Kinekor, running the marketing strategies for international studios such as Miramax, Polygram and Castle Rock. He then moved into pay- and digital television where he worked in strategic development and marketing for M-Net (Part of MIH/Naspers), before overseeing the marketing of the launch of South Africa's first free-to-air broadcaster eTV.

Anatoly Roytman
Managing Director, Accenture Interactive, Europe Africa, Middle East and Latin America (EALA)

Anatoly Roytman leads Accenture Interactive in EALA, and is responsible for building client relationship, driving sales and creating thought leadership in digital strategy, cross-channel marketing, ecommerce, mobile, social media, content management and analytics. He leads large-scale digital engagements with key Accenture clients in Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Financial Services, Consumer Packaged Goods and High Tech industries.

Anatoly joined Accenture from Sapient where he was VP, Marketing Strategy and Analysis. Prior to Sapient, he held digital marketing strategy and technology leadership positions at Digitas, Nextera Enterprises, Digital Equipment, and Oracle. @anatolyroytman

Marketa Mach
Global Associate Partner, IBM Interactive Experience

Marketa is an astute board-level business leader, experienced in both enterprise and start-up environments, having lead strategy development for a wide range of global brands and provided advisory to digital tech start-ups. Her passion for the digital technology and relentless customer-centric ethos have delivered a proven track record of marketing insight and strategic and operational intervention to create business transformation and growth across a range of businesses.

Previous to IBM Marketa was the Head of Digital at Apple for EMEIA. She has held numerous strategic leadership roles in the digital arena, working across a variety of blue chip clients including: Land Rover, Microsoft, Glenfiddich, Motorola, Sanofi Pasteur, Vertu, Santander & Littlewoods as well as providing advisory work to the Google Vodaphone Advisory board on Youth Internet Usage and digital tech start-ups.

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