San Francisco, CA: March 31-April 1, 2015

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

MarTech Agenda

Thank you for your interest in MarTech! The next conference is taking place March 31-April 1, 2015 in San Francisco. Click here to see the current agenda.

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Monday, August 18th

6:00PM-7:00PM Registration & Conference Opening Reception
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Join us in the Plaza Foyer of the Boston Seaport Hotel and meet others who share your passion for marketing and technology over a cold beverage and tasty hors d'oeuvres.

Tuesday, August 19th

7:30AM-9:00AM: Registration & Breakfast - Plaza Foyer

9:00AM-9:15AM: Welcome to MarTech! [ Details ]

Welcome to the world's first conference dedicated to marketing technology leaders. Your host, Scott Brinker, will kick off this event with several exciting milestones that have been achieved this year by this pioneering profession at the intersection of marketing and IT. He will introduce the speakers and the audience‹ and frame the topics for the next two days around a common theme: how innovation in marketing technology management can drive your business in a digital world.

Scott Brinker
Conference Chair & author,

MarTech is programmed by conference chair Scott Brinker, who has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its changing marketing strategy, management, and culture on his blog,, since 2008.

Scott is the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a software company that provides marketers with a platform for creating and testing marketing apps - wizards, interactive white papers, assessment tools, configurators, calculators, microsites, and more.

The evolution of data and technology is compelling brands to find new ways to market in our digital world. Marketers are transforming their strategies, rethinking fundamental rules of consumer engagement and the role of technology in defining those rules.

In this session, you'll learn how marketing technology has evolved from a commoditized enabler to a strategic capability that grows businesses and drives ROI, while creating new business models and channels through ongoing innovation driving stronger customer engagement and increasing sales.

Mayur Gupta
Global Head of Marketing Technology & Operations, Kimberly-Clark

Digital evangelist, marketing technologist & a thought leader with 14+ years of industry experience, specializes in combining digital, eCommerce, creative and brand strategies with enterprise, emerging & innovative technologies to deliver omni-channel brand experiences, drive business growth, innovation & maximize the marketing ROI. Adept at negotiation, global high stakes decision making, senior executive level presenter and public speaker.

As a Global Head of Marketing Technology & Innovation for Kimberly Clark, he leads the global marketing technology strategy, planning & budget as well as KC's digital innovation lab. Provides thought leadership, vision and strategy to enable KC’s marketing & business objectives across all the global brands. Leads the ongoing exploration, evaluation and adoption of both enterprise and tactical capabilities as well as heads the technology & media innovation within KC's digital innovation lab, managing the innovation portfolio all the way from inception to commercialization. Also leads the Global Digital Production capability, vision & strategy.

10:00AM-10:30AM: Refreshment Break

It's no secret that companies increasingly rely on marketing to achieve key business objectives. Nor that marketing relies on technology and data to accomplish this. As a result, demand for dedicated marketing technology expertise is high.

Organizational solutions to meet the need go far beyond adding skills and capabilities – they need to simultaneously accommodate profound changes in the role marketing plays. The best chief marketing technologists accelerate the shift from traditional governance, sourcing, and risk management to agile processes, a results mindset and culture of innovation. This presentation distills the most critical trends and ramifications.

Laura McLellan
VP Marketing Strategies, Gartner Research

Laura McLellan serves CMOs and other marketing executives, sharing how digital strategies are being integrated with traditional marketing. With an extensive background in marketing and information technology services, she can help CMOs understand how companies are using digital marketing technology and marketing services to improve business results. For more than 16 years at Gartner, she has worked with marketing executives to improve their business results.

Ms. McLellan was formerly with Gartner Consulting's Marketing & Business Strategies' services practice. She joined Gartner in 1996 after 20 years in the IT services industry, where she worked in IT services strategic planning, marketing, sales and services business management. Before joining Gartner, she worked at Digital Equipment, IBM and Coopers & Lybrand.

The ultimate goal of marketing technology is to support your company’s business strategy. But the connection between system decisions and business goals is often unclear.

This session will present a step-by-step process for linking the two by:

  • linking business goals to business methods
  • evolving marketing technology goals to marketing technology methods
  • and identifying specific marketing technology components

We'll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of alternative marketing technology strategies and when each is most appropriate. You'll leave with a clear picture for how to align your own marketing technology vision with corporate goals and how to communicate that vision to others so everyone moves in the same direction.

David Raab
Principal, Raab & Associates

Author of "Guide to Demand Generation Systems"; marketing technology and analysis consultant.

He has consulted with major firms in financial services, health care, telecommunications, publishing, consumer goods, technology and other industries. Mr. Raab has written hundreds of articles on marketing issues and addressed audiences in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

12:00PM-1:15PM: Lunch & Sponsor Presentations

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How to Drive Engagement in a World of Content Overload

Content Marketing is a critical part of every best-in-class marketer's strategy, but are we suffering from too much of it? As marketers, how do you create content that is relevant and timely for your customers?

Join Steve Rotter, Global Vice President of Digital Marketing Solutions from Brightcove for a compelling conversation on ways marketers can work smarter and develop engaging content that increases conversion rates on every device. You'll hear how ExactTarget set themselves apart from their competition, doubled time on site, and increased website conversion rates just by implementing a dynamic video rich marketing strategy.

This session will cover:

  • Content overload and what that means for you and your customers
  • How to break through the noise with meaningful content that engages and converts customers
  • Tons of real world examples for every industry on what content is working for them and why
  • How video improved ExactTarget's website visitor engagement with brands and products and reduced page bounce rates by 12%

Location: Seaport Ballroom

Using Marketing Technologies to Understand Your Digital Customer's Journey

Understanding customer behavior across multiple devices and marketing channels is not easy. Customers today are highly digital savvy, and 92 percent of consumers research online and social media before making a purchase. Businesses are struggling to map the customer journey data and derive actionable insights. Infact, Econsultancy reports that 91 percent of businesses do not have a good understanding of why visitors leave their digital properties without converting. In this session learn how enterprise organizations are using digital marketing technologies to integrate quantitative digital analytics data with qualitative customer behavioral data. You will also learn how to solve conversion struggles, shorten digital sales cycle and influence customer's digital journey.

Location: Lighthouse Ballroom

The marketing industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate, creating seemingly insurmountable gaps in marketing talent, technology and strategy. At a time when marketers face increasing pressure to measure ROI and connect dollars spent with bottom-line results, most marketers are underprepared and most campaigns are underperforming.

But challenges present opportunities... and marketing technology has changed the game. Organizations of all sizes now have access to the tools and knowledge needed to grow more efficiently and intelligently. This session covers the convergence of marketing talent, technology and strategy, and the opportunity to build performance-driven organizations. Attendees will learn 10 rules to accelerate success, exceed ROI expectations and outperform the competition.

Paul Roetzer
CEO, PR 20/20, author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint and The Marketing Performance Blueprint

Paul Roetzer is founder and CEO of PR 20/20. He started the agency in November 2005 with a vision to evolve the PR industry, after seven years at a traditional PR firm. He is the author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, and is a graduate of Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Paul also frequently speaks at local and national venues on the topics of inbound marketing, content marketing, public relations, social media and marketing agency management.

Modern marketing is in a constant state of flux. It's different today than it was just months ago. What works today might not work tomorrow. And it's going to keep changing rapidly to keep up with the equally frenetic pace of change in communications, business and technology.

To be successful, marketers need to be flexible, experimental, and responsive. It's our responsibility to build an agile, process-driven foundation for constantly adapting and improving our ideas. A foundation that consistently produces the results our organizations require... and should demand.

Creating data-driven marketing organizations requires marketing leaders to structure their teams and business in a way that is agile and impactful. In this session we'll cover the infrastructure -- people, process and technology -- necessary to run an agile marketing organization.

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff
CMO, BitTorrent

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff believes in two key principles: Find opportunities where no one else is looking; And, never fail the same way twice. It’s a methodology centered around Agile marketing practices. Coupled with a B.A. in Psychology from Whittier College, it’s one that’s served him well professionally and personally.

As a longtime marketer and consultant with executive management experience at Yahoo!, Microsoft, Webtrends, and Involver (acquired by Oracle) he now leads marketing at BitTorrent. Jascha calls Marin County home with his wife Rebecca where they are the parents of 3 whip-smart children, 4 newly acquired hamsters, 2 frogs and 6 or 7 fish.

Prior to joining BitTorrent, Kaykas-Wolff served as CMO For Mindjet, senior vice president of marketing and customer success at Involver, the world's largest social marketing platform. He previously headed Global Marketing for Webtrends, the leading customer intelligence platform that founded the web analytics industry.

Kaykas-Wolff served as a strategic consultant for Alvarez & Marsal, a global business advisory services company, and has held senior management positions at Microsoft's MSN and Windows divisions & Yahoo! Inc's commerce business unit.

We've all seen the stats: The demand for data-driven, quant-infused, tech-savvy marketing talent exceeds the supply. Organizations seeking marketing technologists have a hard time finding people to interview, distinguishing the diamonds from the duds, and landing talent as quickly as they need it.

In this session, we will unveil new research into how forward-thinking organizations are attracting and hiring top marketing technology talent despite the challenges. Their stories and tips will inspire you.

We will address:

  • The hiring landscape for marketing technology talent
  • Replacing the "spray and pray" hiring mindset with a one-to-one recruiting approach
  • What it takes to attract, engage, and recruit great marketing technologists

Erica Seidel
CEO, The Connective Good

Erica runs The Connective Good, an executive search practice that works with organizations at the intersection of marketing, analytics, technology, and professional services. The Connective Good is primarily retained to recruit data-driven marketing executives with a highly analytical/quant bent who have backgrounds in marketing analytics, customer intelligence, digital marketing, quant market research, and strategic marketing consulting.

Erica's background spans marketing services, research, new product development, technology, and business development.

Refreshment Break and Book Signing

"Know your customer" is a basic and fundamental principle of marketing. But today, the volume and velocity of data created are challenging this basic principle and marketers find themselves quickly overwhelmed by its complexity.

In this session we will bring together two prominent Chief Data Officers that are leading their company’s data and analytics strategies. Charged with the goal of uncovering value from the data, Wes Hunt from Nationwide and Lisa Ritchie from Scotiabank will share their perspectives on where value lies and the challenges that lay ahead for their roles.

We will assess how marketers and the marketing function are tackling the data question and share lessons learned in building a comprehensive analytics strategy. Discussions will take a practical look at how companies are working to develop data cultures and acquire the right talent to fulfill the promise that data can deliver. We will look at some of the following questions:

  • How are segmentation strategies changing or staying the same as a result of big data?
  • What do future segmentation strategies look like?
  • How are marketers going to win the attribution war or change the rules of the game?
  • Where should data ownership reside and why?
  • What are the top 5 challenges that marketers need to be aware of as they advance their use of data?

Jane Hiscock - Moderator
Founder & CEO, Farland Group

Jane Hiscock has more than 20 years of experience building marketing and communications strategies for leading technology, healthcare and financial services brands. Her early work was with business-to-consumer (b2c) companies like Perrier, Rollerblade and Black & Decker. She took her market testing b2c expertise to the business to business space helping large enterprise brands like IBM, Morgan Stanley Capital International, Fidelity and Microsoft Health to transform their client experience.

Wes Hunt - Speaker
Chief Data Officer Nationwide Insurance

Wes Hunt has over 20 years experience assisting enterprises in realizing value through application of data and analytics. As Nationwide’s Chief Data Officer, Wes is responsible for enterprise-wide governance and the use of data as a strategic asset. He works closely with the business to determine the data to be captured, retained and exploited, while maximizing value and minimizing risk.

Mr. Hunt previously led Nationwide’s customer information and analytics function at Nationwide and sponsored efforts to create actionable insights and a single view of the customer across all consumer facing channels. Wes has a passion for developing high performing teams and building talent in data and analytics. He initiated a unique industry/academia partnership to create the next generation of applied analytics professionals through the Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights at the Ohio State University. He is also an active contributor to the Columbus 2020 data and analytics task force and Columbus Collaboratory.

Prior to joining Nationwide in 2002, Mr. Hunt was a Principal with IBM Global Business Services. He previously held management positions at Wells Fargo Bank, KPMG, and JPMorgan Chase. He earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA Institute in 1996, and has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has undergraduate degrees in economics and finance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Lisa Ritchie - Speaker
SVP Customer Knowledge and Insights Scotiabank

Lisa Ritchie is responsible for identifying, measuring and reporting on customer knowledge and enhancing the Bank's insight into each customer's holdings, attitudes and behaviours for business lines, channels, and key segments.

This includes:

  • Customer Loyalty Measurement
  • Market and Brand Communication Research
  • Consumer Insights and Trends
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse and Information Management
  • Decision Analytics and Sciences
  • Customer Interaction Management and Measurement

Lisa joined Scotiabank in 2000 as a Vice President. Prior to Scotiabank, Lisa spent 2 1/2 years at CIBC as Director of Business Line Research where she was responsible for all aspects of primary and syndicated research applicable to all Retail and Commercial Banking.

Prior to CIBC, Lisa also held a Senior Vice President position at Decima Research/Hill and Knowlton where she was responsible for the financial services research practice.

Lisa also spent 10 years at TD Bank where she had responsibility for various functions within the Bank's Marketing division.

  • Serves as a Board Member for The Humber River Hospital Foundation.
  • Serves as a Committee Member for Annual Toronto's Ronald McDonald Charity Golf Classic.
  • Served as a Board Member for the North Toronto Basketball Association as well as Co-head of Toronto Girls House League Basketball League.
  • Served as the Chair/Past Chair on the Board for the Mabin School in Toronto for 5 Years. Headed-up Search Committee for the replacement of Principal of Mabin School in 2010.

With over 1000 marketing technologies in over 40 categories, choosing the right technologies for your enterprise marketing cloud is imperative. Do you buy your marketing cloud from Adobe, Oracle or Salesforce? Or do you build your own custom "Open Marketing Cloud" which may allow greater flexibility?

This session will explore the pros and cons of each potential solution, and highlight some tools that can impact the build of your perfect custom marketing cloud.

Travis Wright
CEO, MediaThinkLabs

Travis Wright is a Venture Catalyst, Keynote Speaker, CMTO, StandUp Comic, Marketing Technology Entrepreneur, Data & Analytics Geek and Startup Growth Hacker. Over the past 15 years, Wright has optimized and helped market hundreds of B2B & B2C business websites, from start-ups and mid-size businesses to Fortune 50 companies. Wright was also the Global Social Media Strategist at Symantec. With his new consulting company, MediaThinkLabs, he travels throughout the country assisting company executives plan and optimize their integrated digital media strategies and marketing technologies. Wright is also a tech journalist at Technorati and hosts their podcast, Social Brands and Influencers.

5:00PM-5:15PM: Session Interval

Marketing software systems are becoming true "platforms." In addition to their native capabilities, they provide an open architecture enabling marketers to plug in products from independent software vendors (ISVs). This approach promises the best of both worlds: a stable foundation for core data and services and the flexibility to easily add more specialized functionality from a wide range of developers.

In this special panel session, executives from three of the leading marketing software platforms - Adobe, IBM, and Marketo - will share their perspective on the evolution of their ISV ecosystems and what they mean for marketers:

  • What are the benefits to marketers of adopting an open platform?
  • What kinds of marketing capabilities are best served by ISVs?
  • What makes for a good relationship between platforms and ISVs?
  • Could agencies become the largest group of ISVs in the future?

Scott Brinker - Moderator
Conference Chair & author,

MarTech is programmed by conference chair Scott Brinker, who has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its changing marketing strategy, management, and culture on his blog,, since 2008.

Scott is the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a software company that provides marketers with a platform for creating and testing marketing apps - wizards, interactive white papers, assessment tools, configurators, calculators, microsites, and more.

Erik W. Holt - Speaker
Partner Strategy Leader - Technology/ISV, IBM ExperienceOne

Erik Holt, Partner Strategy Leader - Technology/ISV at IBM ExperienceOne, has more than 15 years of business development, marketing and management experience at leading technology, digital marketing and media firms. Erik leads IBM's Digital Marketing Network and Ready For Smarter Commerce programs, global technology/ISV partner ecosystems connected to IBM's ExperienceOne portfolio. IBM ExperienceOne is an integrated portfolio of cloud-based and on premise offerings that help clients quickly deliver deeper, more valuable customer engagements by bringing together marketing, sales and service practices. Built on best practices working with more than 8,000 organizations worldwide, IBM ExperienceOne delivers a set of pre-defined engagement solutions delivered with IBM consulting services and powered by its leading WebSphere Commerce, Customer Digital Experience and Enterprise Marketing Management software.

Previously, Erik was Vice President of B2B at M2 Media Group, a leading subscription and lead generation agency. Prior to M2 Media Group and IBM, Erik was Corporate Strategy & Development lead at, a global network of online communities that enables professionals to access the collective knowledge of experienced peers. Erik earned his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at Pennsylvania State University and his MBA from Villanova University.

Lou Pelosi - Speaker
Sr. Director LaunchPoint, Marketo

Lou Pelosi is the Senior Director of LaunchPoint, the industry's most complete ecosystem of solutions for digital marketers, at Marketo. He is responsible for growing the ecosystem and scaling its operations.

Prior to Marketo, Lou was Vice President of Marketing for fraud and identity protection provider EZShield and held similar positions at Zuberance, GoRemote and Covad Communications where he marketed to both consumers and businesses.

Lou holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, and received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University.

David Humpherys - Speaker
Director of Strategic Alliances, Adobe

David Humpherys is Director of Strategic Alliances at Adobe and oversees the Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange, a marketplace of pre-built integrations and applications between Adobe Marketing Cloud and 3rd party technologies. David spent the last 6 years creating integrated solutions across the marketing technology landscape for Adobe and Omniture. David earned his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and his bachelor’s degree in International Business from BYU.

6:00PM-7:00PM: Networking Reception
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Meet your fellow conference attendees and enjoy great conversation, beverages and munchies!

Reception sponsor, Vidyard, will be giving away a GoPro! Bring your business card to participate in the draw.

Wednesday, August 20th

7:30AM-9:00AM: Registration & Breakfast - Plaza Foyer

9:00AM-9:15AM: Welcome to MarTech - Day 2 [ Details ]

As the second day of MarTech begins, host Scott Brinker will reflect on a few key learnings from the previous day and set the stage for the day's sessions around the many different kinds of "disruption" happening in marketing, technology, and business and how the audience can turn that into competitive advantage.

Scott Brinker
Conference Chair & author,

MarTech is programmed by conference chair Scott Brinker, who has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its changing marketing strategy, management, and culture on his blog,, since 2008.

Scott is the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a software company that provides marketers with a platform for creating and testing marketing apps - wizards, interactive white papers, assessment tools, configurators, calculators, microsites, and more.

Hardware is getting faster. Software is getting smarter. And the network effects of billions of people connected around the world are multiplying. Welcome to the Second Machine Age. Exponentially improving technology, the digitization of everything, and the combinatorial possibilities of different innovations mixed together in creative new ways, provide incredible opportunities for businesses who embrace these forces ‹ and present existential risks to those who underestimate them.

Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and co-author of The New York Times bestseller The Second Machine Age, will share his research and insight into these tectonic shifts in technology's role in our lives and businesses.

Erik Brynjolfsson
Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Erik Brynjolfsson is the Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, a Professor at the MIT Sloan School, Chairman of the Sloan Management Review and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. His widely cited research examines a variety of aspects of information technology, strategy, productivity, marketing and employment has been recognized with 10 Best Paper prizes and five patents. He teaches a popular MBA courses on the Economics of Information and an executive program on Big Data. His talk for the opening session of TED 2013 laid out an optimistic vision for the future of economic growth.

Prof. Brynjolfsson is a director or advisor for several technology-intensive firms and lectures worldwide on technology and strategy. His books include New York Times Bestseller The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a time of Brilliant Technologies, co-authored with Andrew McAfee. He received AB and SM degrees from Harvard and a PhD from MIT. You can keep up with his research via his website: or Twitter: @erikbryn.

Network, energize and get your copy of The Second Machine Age signed by author Erik Brynjolfsson.

With the shift from analog to digital, from communications to experience, from story yelling to Storyscaping, brands need a new breed of technologists who see around corners, paint the big picture, "get" marketers, ad types and marketing. Scrappy innovators, who also understand scale and complexity. Who are awesome at influencing people. Yes, we need unicorns!

For all the hand wringing about CMTO's, talent that gets both marketing and technology is rare. SapientNitro decided to do something about it – by creating CMTO University within our Agency. This talk will chronicle the journey and lessons learned in building an executive development program to grow marketing technologists at scale.

Sheldon Monteiro
CTO, SapientNitro

Creative + Technology, solutions conception, enterprise architecture, product development, global implementation. Multi-disciplinary problem solver. Strong creative, analytical, people development, team building, and methods improvement skills. 19 year career highlighted by great work and rapid advancement through increasingly responsible consulting, practice and operating management positions with $1+ billion, publicly held global integrated marketing and technology services firm.

Empowered buyers are now in control, defining the how, when and where to engage with you. It's time for marketers to move beyond targeting and one-to-one marketing, and focus their energy on understanding and responding to customer behavior. Customer obsession will challenge marketing leaders to adopt the things they only toyed and tested with before. In this session, we'll discuss:

  • Define the "age of the customer" and its relevance to marketers.
  • Address the imperatives that will drive marketing in this new business era.
  • Challenge you to communicate with your customer in completely new ways.
  • Discuss best practices you can apply to your business.

Sheryl Pattek
VP & Principal Analyst, CMO and Marketing Leadership Practice at Forrester Research

Sheryl Pattek serves Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to provide the strategic guidance they need to succeed in the age of the customer. She is an accomplished business-to-business (B2B) marketing expert with extensive global experience in leading marketing organizations for both Fortune 500 and early-stage companies, encompassing the full marketing mix. Sheryl helps Forrester clients address their business issues by developing customer insight based go-to-market strategies and plans that span both digital and traditional channels. Her research focuses on the evolving market dynamics requiring CMOs to develop a tightly integrated approach to marketing strategy development, delivery, and measurement. Sheryl also addresses the impact of broader issues including technology infrastructure, organizational design, and developing the customer understanding necessary to help CMOs evolve their influence and fuel sustainable business growth for their organizations.

Over the past 25 years as an executive-level marketing practitioner and B2B expert, Sheryl has led high-performing teams in the logistics, transportation, software, software-as-a-service (SaaS), technology, and telecommunications industries. Before joining Forrester, Sheryl served as vice president of marketing for Ryder System. She has held senior executive marketing positions at Océ North America (a Canon company), Citrix Systems, Daleen Technologies, and Digital Equipment Corporation (HP). Her career has touched every aspect of corporate marketing management. Specific areas of expertise include strategic planning, brand management, product management, customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, marketing automation, content marketing, and digital marketing strategies. She is well-versed in customer analytics, customer retention and loyalty, and the importance of delivering a positive and comprehensive customer experience.

Sheryl has spoken at industry and company events in her Forrester and non-Forrester roles. She is a well-regarded speaker and moderator at such venues as the Forbes CMO Summit, The CMO Club, CMO Exchange, Argyle CMO Conferences, Direct Marketing Association Executive Summit, Dell World, and Marketing Operations Executive Summit.

Sheryl received her B.A. and M.S. in communications from the University of New Mexico.

12:00PM-1:15PM: Lunch & Sponsor Presentations

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SaaS, Meet Comms: Addressing the Billion Dollar Hole in the Marketing Cloud

In a world increasingly dominated by digital interactions, it’s easy to forget that a smartphone is indeed a device for making a phone call. Because marketers have spent the past several years optimizing for the online experience, brands just assume it’s easier to interact with their customers digitally. As a result, marketers have poured money into creating great mobile experiences for search, email social, apps and display ads. But, this mini computer in your pocket is also meant for calls, voice, SMS & push, video conferencing and more. In this session, be prepared to have that 'aha moment' as you begin to think of all the new ways the mobile phone can drive revenue for your business and create amazing experiences for your customers.

Speaker: Kyle Christensen, VP of Marketing at Invoca

Kyle Christensen is a SaaS veteran, having spent over 15 years working in enterprise software. Before Invoca, he was a VP of Marketing at Responsys, a leader cloud platform for cross-channel digital marketing, where he launched the company's mobile product line He has also served in senior strategic product marketing and management roles at Zuora and at He holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and a BS in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Location: Lighthouse Ballroom

Engaging Content for the Buyer's Journey: Build Dialogues Not Monologues

Good content isn't good enough anymore, people want compelling experiences around content. B2B marketers who successfully deliver an engaging buyer’s journey to their prospects are reaping the rewards of increased lead conversion, deeper profiles, and engagement. In this session, you’ll see how and why innovative marketers are building dialogues, not monologues.

Moderator: Seth Lieberman, SnapApp CEO

Seth Lieberman is the founder and CEO of SnapApp, an interactive content marketing platform that gives marketers the power to build compelling audience experiences and drive revenue by creating, publishing, promoting and measuring engaging content that works across the web, email, mobile and social. Seth is a serial entrepreneur who has started three companies and four kids. Two of his companies have been acquired but none of his kids.

Location: Seaport Ballroom

Today's connected and empowered consumer is the catalyst for change within marketing organizations, inspiring systemic digital transformation. But achieving digital maturity and leadership is not as simple as increasing digital budgets, adding headcount to legacy org silos, or even hiring a marketing technologist.

Making the most of your digital marketing investments means evolving your marketing operations structure: the people, culture, processes, systems and partnerships that enable the full spectrum of digital capabilities. This session will highlight pitfalls to avoid and provide best-in-class examples of how enterprises are successfully reinventing marketing operations.

Jason Heller
CEO, Agiliti

Jason Heller is CEO of Agiliti, a unique consultancy focused on digital marketing operations and strategy. Enterprise marketing leaders rely on Heller and his team to help drive digital transformation within complex organizations by assessing and aligning the marketing organization, capabilities, processes, governance, strategies, and agency and technology portfolios to drive business growth.

Heller is a digital marketing pioneer, recognized thought leader, speaker, and author. His vision and leadership have contributed to a number of best practices in the digital marketing industry. In 1998, Heller co-founded one of the first digital media and relationship marketing agencies, Mass Transit Interactive, which he sold to Horizon Media in 2005. He sat at the helm of Horizon's digital group for several years prior to launching and selling an online travel business. He launched Agiliti in 2011 to help shape and support the "marketer of the future".

While marketing departments are evolving, most lack the skills or internal authority to fully harness the potential of marketing technology and faster data feedback loops to drive growth. Realizing the potential of these emerging growth assets requires extending into areas that are unfamiliar territory for many marketers.

Growth hacking teams are emerging to fill this void. These teams are comprised of engineers, product managers, marketers, data analysts and designers, and are organized to maximize sustainable growth rates. In an early stage company, many of these skills may be held by a single growth hacker.

This session will explore how Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies are building and leveraging these growth teams. Key takeaways will be:

  • Prioritizing and implementing growth efforts across all of the potential growth levers.
  • Organizing teams to fully exploit these growth opportunities.
  • Equipping growth teams with the tools and technology to drive peak growth performance.

Sean Ellis
Founder & CEO, Qualaroo and

Sean Ellis is the CEO and co-founder of Qualaroo, a technology company that helps marketers better understand the needs of website visitors in order to improve conversions. Prior to Qualaroo, Sean held marketing leadership roles with breakout companies including Dropbox, LogMeIn (IPO), Uproar (IPO), Eventbrite and Lookout.

"Algorithmic Thinking" will change your approach to problem solving, and profoundly impact how marketing technology works in your organization.

In this session, you’ll learn three core frameworks for re-interpreting any marketing or business problem as an algorithm and creating solutions that are reliable, scalable, and agile. Attend this session and empower yourself and your team with algorithmic thinking methods.

Christopher Penn
VP of Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications

Christopher Penn is SHIFT’s vice president of marketing technologies. Penn has been featured for his leadership in new media and marketing in many books and in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, BusinessWeek and U.S. News & World Report, and on television networks such as PBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and ABC News. In 2012, Forbes Magazine recognized him as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Prior to joining the agency, Penn was the director of inbound marketing at WhatCounts, an email marketing company, as well as co-founder of the groundbreaking PodCamp New Media Community Conference. In addition to his duties at SHIFT, Penn is co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast. He is also an adjunct professor of Internet marketing and the lead subject matter expert and professor of Advanced Social Media at the University of San Francisco.

Penn is the author of Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer.

The marketing terrain has become complex and treacherous, as have the ever-changing environmental conditions. The opportunities are tremendous, but the journey is long and the path is unclear.

Think of the marketing technologist as the "sherpa" who helps marketing and IT successfully ascend the mountain of transformation. Attend this session and learn how marketing capability mapping can define business goals, clarify priorities and reveal the pathway to success.

Shawn Goodin
Director of Marketing Technology, The Clorox Company

Marketing Technologist with twelve plus years of proven success. Innovative and inspired digital program champion with the passion and drive to transform insight into reality. Strategic thinker who connects the dots for new product paradigms. Interaction designer who leverages anthropological and cognitive science training with marketing and information technology acumen. Seven years of social computing insight and advocacy. Exceptional history of managing cross functional, local and offshore product development teams. Command of agile/scrum methodologies and practices. Comfortable dealing directly with customers, analysts, and partners to gather market/product intelligence. Outstanding record of achievement delivering products and solutions on a global scale.

3:00PM-3:30PM: Afternoon Refreshments

Michael Krigsman and Vala Afshar, the insightful and entertaining co-hosts of the popular web series CxO Talk, will host a "live" version of their show on the MarTech stage on the topic of digital transformation with two renown digitally-savvy CMOs — Robert Tas of Pegasystems and Steve Mann of LexisNexis. Michael and Vala will drive a candid discussion about the real challenges these CMOs have faced in bringing their organizations digital — strategically, operationally, and culturally.

Michael Krigsman - Moderator
Co-Host of "CxO Talk"

Michael Krigsman is recognized internationally as an analyst, strategy advisor, enterprise advocate, and blogger.

For CIOs and IT leadership, he addresses issues such as innovation, business transformation, project-related business objectives and strategy, and vendor planning.

For enterprise software vendors and venture-funded startups, Michael offers advisory services on marketing, positioning, and influencer strategy.

As a columnist for ZDNet, Michael has written over 1,000 articles on enterprise software, cloud, CRM, ERP, collaboration, and alignment between IT and lines of business. His work has been mentioned about 1,000 times in major newspapers, television, radio, trade publications, presentations, academic dissertations, blogs, and other media. Michael has been quoted in about 40 books, published in the Wall Street Journal, and is syndicated on important technology websites.

Michael started the influential web-based video show, CxOTalk, which brings together the top CIOs, CMOs, and Chief Digital Officers in the world for insightful conversation. He is often a judge in prestigious industry contests such as the CIO100 contest (CIO Magazine) and CRM Idol.

Vala Afshar - Moderator
Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Networks

Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) is the Chief Marketing Officer for Extreme Networks, responsible for global marketing. An award-winning inventor of social technologies and customer services operations, Afshar is a two-time Stevie Award winner stemming from his previous leadership of the company's Support organization, and is considered a pioneer in cloud computing, social collaboration, business intelligence and customer relationship management.

Afshar is a recognized social media advocate, having been the keynote of several industry events including Salesforce’s Dreamforce, as well as Gartner and IDC conferences. His thought- leadership has been sought after by leading publications, and he regularly contributes bylines to Huffington Post and Inc., among others. To his credit, Vala was named by Leadtail as "the most retweeted B2B marketer" and by KiteDesk as a top 40 social selling marketing master. He is also the co-host of the weekly "CXO Talk" interview series, where he interviews C-level thought leaders from companies such as Accenture, SAP and Intel.

Afshar is also a published co-author of the book, "The Pursuit of Social Business" and is also referenced in the books "The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work" and in "Socialized! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social."

Don Schuerman - Speaker
CTO and Vice President of Product Marketing, Pegasystems

Don Schuerman is CTO and Vice President of Product Marketing at Pegasystems, responsible for Pega’s industry-leading platform and CRM applications. He has 20 years experience delivering enterprise software solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, with a focus on digital transformation, mobility, analytics, business process management, cloud and CRM. Don has led enterprise software implementations and provided technology and architecture consulting to senior business and technology executives from Fortune 500 organizations, including American Express, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and BP. Don holds a BS in Physics and Philosophy from Boston College.

Steve Mann - Speaker
Chief Marketing Officer, Research Solutions, LexisNexis

Recently selected as one of FierceCMO's top 15 B2B CMO's to watch, Steve has over 20 years' experience in technology & information services marketing, product strategy, and product development ranging from venture-backed startups to global technology organizations and is considered a thought leader on emerging technologies, social media, technology M&A and digital marketing.

Steve is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for the Research Solutions division of LexisNexis, as well as having responsibility for its Law Schools Business Unit.

Steve spent seven years as a Global Vice President of SAP AG. He led SAP's Social Media Strategy & Total Customer Experience efforts. Steve also led Services Marketing and SAP's Competitive Program and Strategy team against Oracle. Additionally, he was also responsible for the Global Market Intelligence function as well as for Marketing Innovation.

Prior to joining SAP, Steve was a principal and Executive-in-Residence with the BRM Group, a Jerusalem-based Venture Capital firm and prior to joining BRM, Steve was the vice president of product strategy, for Computer Associates.

Steve did his undergraduate work at Emory University and graduate work in psychology and neuroscience at New York University and City University of New York. He, his wife and children reside in New York City.

If you're looking for a first-rate example of the incredible power that an engineer can wield in the world of marketing today, look no further than Dharmesh Shah. Dharmesh is the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, who "cracked the code" of inbound marketing — and wrote the code to enable thousands of other marketers to do the same.

In this closing "fireside chat," Dharmesh and host Scott Brinker will discuss his experience developing software for marketers, from the genesis of HubSpot to the many inventions he's ushered from the lab into the market. Dharmesh will share his vision for where the industry is going and the opportunities for technologists who "hack" marketing. As a prolific angel investor, he will also highlight several of the new companies that he believes will have an impact on marketing and reveal what he looks for as an investor in the space.

Dharmesh Shah
Co-Founder and CTO, HubSpot

Dharmesh is co-founder and CTO of HubSpot. HubSpot provides inbound marketing software that helps businesses attract, engage and delight customers on the web. The company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts has over 10,000 customers and is a two-time member of the Inc. 500. HubSpot has raised over $100 million in venture capital. Dharmesh is the co-author of "Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs" published by Wiley. The book was a runaway hit and has been translated to 8 languages.

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